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Eight Celebrities Who Had a Better Punk Phase Than Ivanka Trump

With the the release of Ivanka Trump’s memoir this month, news that Ivanka Trump had a goth phase growing up came out. However, this “phase” was blue hair, flannels, and listening to Nirvana, and it all lasted for a very short period of time.

Here are a few celebrities that had better punk phases than Ivanka Trump: 

 Katy Perry
Source: Getty Images

She wasn’t always a “teenage-dream.” Perry transformed into a dark, punk goddess during 2012. Her dark hair was near black, purple, and blue during this time. She also rocked the leather, spike bracelets and combat boots. 

  Miley Cyrus


Miley’s phase was probably one of the most famous. She left the innocent Disney cowgirl behind and replaced it with fishnets and spiky, bleached hair. She also rocked the dark makeup. 

Kanye West

Source: Pinterest

People pretty much worship Kanye (#Kanyeforpresident). One of the reasons is his style, especially when he’s standing next to Kim. However, like everyone else on this list, he, too, had a punk phase. Kanye sported the all-black, leather boot punk look for years.

 Olsen Twins
Source: Cosmopolitan

Mary Kate and Ashley also had their moment of goth-punk vibes. They decked out from head to toe in black lace and leather during the 2015 MET gala.

Kristen Stewart

Source: Pinterest

This vampire queen has more or less sported punk vibes from the beginning of her career. Even in shimmery, red carpet looks, Stewart screams BA punk. 

 Taylor Momsen

Source: Rebel Circus

Momsen’s rose to stardom as Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl. And as her innocent character turned punk in the show, Momsen turned punk in real life as well. Her classic look includes black eyeliner around her eyes, chokers and lace. 

 Melissa McCarthy

Source: Fox

“The Heat” and “Bridesmaids” star Melissa McCarthy wasn’t always the classily-dressed actress that she is now. McCarthy was voted “most punk” and “most changed” in high school. She sported short black hair and thick black eyeliner. 


Justin Theroux

Source: Wikipedia 

Theroux is an actor and screenwriter, and he’s the hubby of Jennifer Aniston. He’s pretty well known for his punk-rock style. He’s been described as “Hollywood’s most stylish goth.” His style includes leather jackets, mostly black outfits and band tees. 

Taylor Swift

 Source: Getty Images


The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now… Why? Oh, cause she’s PUNK!

The sweet, innocent, “Our Song” Tay is no longer. Could she be entering her own punk phase?

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