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Ed Sheeran’s New Album: Shape of Ed

Ever since Friday, Mar. 3, my Spotify has not changed playlists. Ed Sheeran is the cause of this. If you thought the sweet Irish-English ginger couldn’t write any more songs that make you weak at the knees, you thought wrong.

Below is my play-by-play of his new album!

1. Eraser — If you have always loved the songs where Ed brings out his rapper side, then this one is for you. Who knew a ginger could spit sick rhymes?

2. Castle on the Hill — This one was already released to the public but it never gets old. This relatable tune will have you reminiscing about growing up and the feeling of being back home.

3. Dive — I can’t even say how long I have had this song on repeat! Definitely a song you and your best friends can belt in the car.

4. Shape of You — This song came out with “Caste on the Hill.” I don’t know if this is just me but it kind of makes me want to salsa.

5. Perfect —  This song makes me want to meet his parents and just thank them for bringing such a beautiful human on earth. I’m not a crier and this song brought out the water works. Everyone should want this played at their wedding.

6. Galway girl — I can’t listen to this song anymore without picturing Zac Efron and his unfortunate dance moves.


7. Happier — You have to have one on every album. This is the beautiful heartbroken ballad. This is the type of song you play in your head when you stare at the hot guy from your chem class that doesn’t even know you exist.

8. New Man — “New Man” will make you want to make Ed Sheeran your new man, if you catch my drift.

9. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here — This song proves that Ed Sheeran is not human but an angel.

10. What Do I Know? — If I could have a song that plays every time I walk into a room, this would be it. I agree with Ed, I don’t care about the stock market crashing.

11. How Would You Feel (Paean) — Even the least sappy girls that hate Valentine’s Day and flowers (AKA me) would want this song written about them. Since I run away from commitment, I imagine myself singing this to my food.

12.Supermarket Flowers — I was listening to this song in the library and cried. It’s about his grandmother, how could I not?

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