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Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Fall’s Top Trends

Some of the top contenders for fall’s hottest trends include plaid trousers, faux fur cheetah print coats, white boots, satin, neon knits, and statement pants. Now, all these things can be found at fast fashion stores like ASOS, Urban Outfitters, even Forever21, but comparable items can be found second hand and from sustainable brands at price points to suit a variety of budgets. Let’s look at some of our options.

For the sake of practicality, I will rate the items based on price using a system of dollar signs:

  • $0-49 will be rated $
  • $50-99 will be rated $$
  • $100+ will be rated $$$


Plaid Trousers  


Fast Fashion- Urban Outfitters

I.AM.GIA Cobain Plaid Relaxed-Fit Chain Pant                         



Eco-Friendly – ASOS Marketplace by Sunshine Dreamer

90s Inspired Black and White Plaid Pants



Faux Fur Cheetah Print Coats

Fast Fashion- Boohoo                                   

Leopard Faux Fur Trucker Jacket                 


Eco-Friendly – Depop by @goldengarb

Vintage 90s y2k Cheetah Print Long Faux Fur Coat



White Boots

Fast Fashion- Nastygal                               

Hey Jude Patent Bootie                                           


Eco-Friendly – Everlane

The Boss Boot in Bone





Fast Fashion- Forever21                                      

Contemporary Satin Dress in Amber                                                               


Eco-Friendly – Reformation

Catherine Dress in Praline



Neon Knitwear


Fast Fashion- Pretty Little Thing                              

Pink Ribbed Hem Knitted Jumper in Pink                         


Eco-Friendly – Poshmark by laurenvaren

Forever 21 Hot Pink Sweater



Statement Pants   


Fast Fashion- Fashion Nova                                         

Make Money Moves Sequin Jogger in Multicolor              



Eco-Friendly – The Real Deal

Rebecca Minkoff Kalahari Sequin Pants w/ tags


Sara Marquardt is a Sophmore Journalism and Art student at Mizzou who hopes to one day become an art-director at a big time magazine.
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