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Eat This Not That: Dining Out

With their tantalizing aromas and mouthwatering tastes, it can be hard to stop throwing the sweetest, cheesiest and most savory foods down our gullets. But sometimes you might unnecessarily pass up your favorite treats for high-calorie dishes disguised as healthy options. Her Campus Mizzou is here to help you avoid these truly unfortunate taste bud tragedies. In the first of many posts, we’ll focus on what to eat when you’re out and about in Columbia. Stay tuned for more food-swapping tips, including those for desserts and drinks.

·    Move over chicken because at Pickleman’s, beef is what’s for dinner. Choosing Pickleman’s juicy Italian Beef on white over the Asiago Chicken Club on white will save you 451 calories. Even if you add cheese, the Beef still weighs in at 270 calories less than the Asiago Chicken Club.  

·     Noodles & Company’s Pesto Cavatappi is actually better than the Pad Thai with organic tofu. In fact picking the Pesto rather than the Pad Thai will save you 140 calories.

·     Thinking IHOP’s Strawberry Banana Pancakes will count as your serving of fruit for the day? Think again. Go for the decadent Chocolate Chip Pancakes instead. They’re like dessert for breakfast, and the chocolaty choice will save you 40 calories.

·     Olive Garden’s Spaghetti and Italian Sausage actually has 180 more calories than the Chicken Parmigiana, which is breaded chicken covered with melted mozzarella and perfectly seasoned marinara sauce. I know what you’re thinking – how in the world are we getting away with this one?

·     Kicking off turkey day a little bit early with a Turkey Burger from Fuddruckers? Pick the Bacon Cheddar Burger for 51 fewer calories and infinitely more taste.

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