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Dealing with a Mid-Semester Organizational Crisis? Crack Open This Planner

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

Recently, the ladies of Her Campus Mizzou received an oversized box filled with goodies guaranteed to help ease the pain of midterms and college life in general.

One of these thoughtful items was the On-the-Go LifePlanner, brilliantly created by acclaimed stationery designer, Erin Condren. Check out the entire collection on her website



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First off, if you currently do not own a planner, I would suggest investing in one. Having all of your assignments and events recorded in one place can make a hectic lifestyle a bit less anxiety-provoking. Here are some ways to organize your planner to ensure success this semester (in terms of preparation, at least).

  • Have a different color pen/marker for every event, assignment, due date, etc. that you intend to list in your planner.

    • Perhaps, blue for the less stressful items on your list and red for things you have to get done ASAP?

  • Use sticky note when applicable, but don’t overcrowd.

    • Too many sticky notes will leave you looking and feeling less organized than before.

  • Cross out things once they are completed.

    • There is nothing like the sweet victory of completing an assignment.

  • List assignments and events in order of importance.

    • Crucial deadlines, such as tests and projects, take precedence over the petty deadlines of life. Don’t waste space by writing ‘Thirsty Thursday’ in your planner cause that is a given for most of us.

  • Leave out the unimportant details.

    • An epic rager this weekend is somewhat important, but school comes first. Always.

  • Carry your planner wherever you go so you never miss an important reminder.

    • Be that girl who pulls it out of her purse on command.

  • Mark the week by using a durable bookmark or the piece of ribbon that is sometimes attached to planners.

    • Finding which week you are on is half of the battle.

  • Write neatly so you can actually read your planner.

    • Sloppy penmanship makes the whole process pointless.

  • Doodle in the margins when feeling brain dead.

    • It will help reboot your system.

  • Enjoy the design/aesthetic.

    • Planners, Erin Condren planners specifically, host fun patterns that will fill your heart with good vibes and you mind with positivity. Also, it will motivate you to use it.

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