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Craft It Up This Fall!


There is nothing better than relaxing inside on a cold fall evening. But unfortunately, too many of these evenings inside can be more boring than writing a paper for British Literature. Have no fear, Pinterest to the rescue! I have stumbled across too many adorable ideas to mention when scrolling through pages and pages of DIY ideas for this fall season. Now you can also cure the fall blues and boredom by crafting your way through the cold. Here are a few ideas to get your craft on!


Melted Crayon Pumpkins

Everyone loves the melted crayon art posted all over Pinterest, so why not try melted crayon pumpkins for Halloween? Glue the crayons of your choice to the top of the pumpkin as close to the stem as possible. Apply heat from your hairdryer to the crayons for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then let the wax from the crayons dry. An easy and beautiful pumpkin can then be displayed for everyone to see!


Hand Painted Glasses

Because I have a tendency to misplace my gym water bottle and my favorite Mizzou cup, complete strangers often pick them up. With this craft, those who have a similar problem can both get their craft on and replace old glasses. Dip the back end of a paintbrush into acrylic paint to create the dots on the glasses. Then put the glasses in the oven at 350 degrees and let the glasses bake for 30 minutes. Voilà!



Decorative Mirror

There isn’t a dorm room, bedroom, or bathroom on campus that doesn’t need a little sprucing up. Decorating a mirror from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s is a simple way to add a little spice to any room. Buy some cute flowers and your initials made out of wood at the store, and then use a glue gun to glue on the flowers and letters. It’s easy, takes up very few study hours from your day and helps makes any room a little bit homier! 


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