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Although thousands of fabulous celebs and superstars are tweeting it up, the staff at HCM and I think a few important ones are missing out! What would Kate Middleton tweet about? Ryan Gosling? Mizzou alum and Mad Men star Jon Hamm? Here are my speculations:

Ryan Gosling: @RyanGosling
@RyanGosling: Just finished building a house. Contact if interested! Twitpic

@RyanGosling: Just dawned on me that I should start calling mom Mother Goose #sopunny

@RyanGosling: Rain makes me feel dramatic. I should be yelling something about 365 letters or doing the Dirty Dancing lift @RachelMcAdams @EmmaStone LOLLL

@RyanGosling: #newpickupline: Have you done laundry recently? You can use my WASHBOARD ABS #ohhhhhh

Kate Middleton: @PrincessKate
@PrincessKate: As Duchess of WALES, I hereby declare Vineyard Vines my official new outfitter. #YesImWaspy 

@PrincessKate: VAYCAY! @PrinceWill #funinthesun

@PrincessKate: Princesses should never have tan lines. #tacky 

@PrincessKate: Nvm. Next time, I’ll get a strapless swimsuit.

@PrincessKate: My hand is heavy. #princessprobz twitpic

@PrincessKate: I’m outlawing Limited Too “Princess” tees for everyone except myself.

@PrincessKate: Hubby! #instagram 

Jon Hamm: @JonHamm
@JonHamm: #MIZSEC

@JonHamm: Next time I win a SAG award I’m going to pencil in a “W” on my trophy #SWAG


@JonHamm: New plot twist on MadMen: Don Draper heads a campaign for the Chicago Cubs. #youvegototbekiddingme #BIRDS

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