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Campus Sweetheart- Kirsten Noel

Meet Her Campus Mizzou Sweetheart Kirsten Noel! She’s a Missouri girl who is a sophomore here at Mizzou. She enjoys fun and romance, and definitely has a few surprises up her sleeve. Keep reading to find out more about what Kirsten had to share! 
Full Name: Kirsten Elizabeth Noel
Year at Mizzou: Sophomore
Hometown: Saint Charles Missouri
Major: Business
Campus Involvement: Member of Zeta Tau Alpha
Relationship Status: Me, myself, and I 
Best Mizzou Memory: Riding the Tiger after a fun night, of course!
Most Embarrassing Moment: Tripping over my bag and almost falling in front of a 500-person lecture hall, no biggie.
Ideal Date: I’m a wine & dine kind of girl
What you look for in a significant other: He has to make me laugh. And being tall dark and handsome wouldn’t be a bad thing either. 
Guilty Pleasure: I’m a sleep-aholic
Top Item on Bucket List: To visit every country at least once in my lifetime.
Pet Peeve: Playing phone tag… 
Unique Fact: I love snakes. I have a boa and a python, but they’re cute and cuddly, I swear. 
Favorite Pick-Up Line: Can I buy you a drink? Or better yet, here’s a beer. :)
Last Song Played on iPod: Flawless by Beyoncé, of course!!
One thing you wish to accomplish this year: Keeping my grades up and having the time of my life here at MIZ. 
Where you see yourself in 10 years: Living in the south with an adorable family, winning the lottery, and instructing yoga on the beach for fun.
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