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Campus Celeb: Erin Reynolds

Our Campus Celeb this week is Erin Reynolds, a junior from Glasgow, Missouri. Erin is a Radio/TV Sports Journalism Major who just can’t resist the sports world. Erin has many roles in the athletic world at Mizzou, including being a sports marketing intern and an office assistant for the Missouri Men’s Basketball Team. We chatted with Erin to learn more about what she does in these positions and how she handles being a woman in the sports world! 

Her Campus Mizzou: What do your roles as a sports marketing intern and office assistant for the basketball team entail? 

Erin Reynolds: As a sports marketing intern, I get to work directly with the University’s athletic department. I assist with game day management and promotions. This includes taking care of the on-field (or court) promotions, playing music at sporting events and thinking of new ideas to enhance fans’ experiences at the events. It often includes rolling posters and t-shirts, cutting flyers and looking for fun giveaways. Those t-shirts being shot out of the cannon at football games? I probably rolled them. As an office assistant for the Missouri Men’s Basketball Team, I do just that: assist with the office. I have administrative office duties to all of the coaching staff, and I work special events and the basketball games. During games, the office assistants are in charge of post-game meals and maintaining the basketball suite. We’re also in charge of making sure the people entering the locker room area are property credentialed. I started working with the basketball team my freshman year. I love it. The work environment and the people I work with are wonderful.

HCM: Why did you decide you wanted to get involved in sports specifically?

ER: I don’t think there was ever a pivotal moment in my life when I just decided I wanted to be involved in sports. I grew up heavily involved in them; my dad was a basketball coach, so I grew up with the game. I played sports (basketball, golf, track)  all throughout high school and have had a passion for them ever since. And now I enjoy watching and covering sporting events.

HCM: What’s your dream job?

ER: One of the things I’ve learned throughout my college career is my “dream job” is constantly changing. I’m a big Cardinals fan, however, and would love the opportunity to cover them on TV.

HCM: What is it like being a woman in such a male-dominated field? How do you combat any adversity you face?

ER: Being a woman in any sort of male-dominated field is difficult. But I’ve learned that creating contacts and building relationships with other women in the industry can help combat any adversity.  Being confident in yourself is very important! 

HCM: Are you involved in any other organizations here on campus? 

ER: I’m a member of Mizzou’s AWSM (Association for Women in Sports Media) chapter. I love being part of an organization that strictly focuses on the growth of women in sports media. It’s very empowering. I love being surrounded by such driven women. I’ve made great contacts through it!  

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