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Brappz: The Future of Bra Straps?

Among us girls, the struggle of bra straps is well-understood. When we finally get the courage to put a real bra on (thank you college for making sports bras a norm), we fight with the way they’re either too loose or too tight. Sometimes, you’re torn with wanting a vibrant or more classy presence to your style. Women around the world too felt this struggle, so finally Switzerland did something about it and introduced us to Brappz!

Brappz are adjustable bra straps made out of silicone, and they come in a huge range of colors (from glow in the dark to neutral colored straps). Although the main use for Brappz is to replace your bra straps, the straps are interchangeable for shoelaces, key chains, headbands and any other uses you can think of.

I tried Brappz out for an entire week, and here are all of the observations and notes I made:

1. They’re a lot longer than regular bra straps

If you’re petite, the only bit of trouble you’ll run into is that these straps come long, but thanks to the different adjustable hooks, this is pretty manageable.

2. They really do glow in the dark

The second day of trying out Brappz I went out, and my friend said he could spot me because of “something glowing” underneath my shirt.

3. They’re comfy!

They don’t leave those red marks on you. The silicone sits well with sensitive skin and doesn’t induce chafing. It also doesn’t feel like you’re strapped in your bra and slowly suffocating.

4. They have a ton of different uses bra-wise

With the vibrant colors they add flare to a bandeau or bikini, can be crisscrossed in the back under an open-back shirt, or can be used as your everyday T-shirt bra strap.

5. They’re a perfect Spring Break accessory

After trying these for a week, I’ll definitely be taking them along with me on Spring Break. As I mentioned above, these can add some flair to any basic swimsuit and they’re entirely sweat-proof! 


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