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Unfortunately, it’s that time in the semester again … finals time! This time of year brings a host of questions, such as “how should I study?” and “for how long?” But most importantly, we bet you collegiettes are wondering, “where should I study?” Between your overbearing roommates and the overflowed library, we know many of you are searching diligently for that sweet study spot. We did some investigating and came up with these five undercover spots that will surely give you a quiet space to prepare to ace those finals!

1. Way back in the student center

When you think of the student center, there’s no doubt you imagine the countless tables spread out on the first floor and the sound of Infusion’s blender churning in the air, but when you look harder, there are various spots that are quieter and less crowded. For example, to the right of the student center, between the gift shop and U.S. bank, there’s a hallway that leads to a space filled with comfortable chairs, couches and tables for you to work quietly without all the fuss from the main part of the student center.

2. Memorial Union

There are countless secret spots to be found at Memorial Union, each equipped with cozy couches and chairs. As a central location, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the student center or the library because it’s right in between! And why not grab Starbucks while you’re there? It’ll give you that extra energy boost you need to get through all those notes!

3. MizzouRec

The rec center isn’t just good for exercising; it also comes with a great space to study! Right through the main entrance, there are various tables and chairs set up in front of the Red Hall Beverage Co. in the lobby. Alongside that is a newly renovated space with desks and desktop computers. The rec center is a great undercover space because no one else will even think to go there to study!

4. The Women’s Center

Located in the basement of the student center, this closed-off space is full of cozy chairs and couches that will allow you to get the most studying done while you relax with your feet up. Cell phone service isn’t the best down there, so that’s a bonus! You won’t be able to check your text messages or Instagram even if you wanted to, meaning fewer distractions!

5. Vida Coffee Co.

Usually if students want coffee, they head to the nearest Starbucks, so why not try this coffee shop instead? Tucked away in between the rec center and Plaza 900, this edgy cafe has plenty of tables and chairs to spread out your notes, books and computer in a fun but quiet atmosphere. And if you’re in need of a little break, order some top-quality coffee or a snack to tide you over!


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Sarah Kloepple is a junior journalism student at Mizzou. She embraces her addiction to good television and the fact that she knows way too much movie trivia. Originally from St. Louis, Sarah loves spending time with family and friends and stopping frequently at any good frozen custard place (preferably Ted Drewe's). When she's not with her oldest friend Netflix, you can find her typing furiously on her computer somewhere or reading a good book outside. Follow her on Twitter: @skloep.
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