Best TV Shows I Watched Over Break

If, like me, you took the opportunity to spend Christmas break doing absolutely nothing but lay on the couch, eat, and interact with outsiders as little as possible, you probably also watched a lot of great television. Here's a brief recap of the shows I watched which would be a great way to distract yourself from the responsabilities of being back at school.

"Shameless" (U.S.)

Even though the show started back in 2011, it seems to have recently gotten extremely popular. Over Winter Storm Jupiter (alternative truth), I binge-watched 5 seasons of Shameless. At first, I thought it was decent. I wanted to know what happened next, but I was really only watching it because I was afraid of going outside. After a while, though, I fell in love with the triumphs and tribulations of the Gallagher family. I needed to know what the hell was going on with Fiona's love life and whether or not Lip would make the right decisions (more often than not, he doesn't). The next door neighbors, Kevin and Veronica, also help make each episode completely ridiculous and before you know it, it's 3 am and you're crying and laughing and calling your father to thank him for being a #1 guy.

Plus, plenty of eye candy. 

"The Secret Life of the American Teenager" 

Okay, I know this show is total trash, but I started watching it when it first came out in 2008 (almost a decade ago!!!!!) and I absolutely had to figure out what happened with Amy Jergens and her baby. I actually cried at the series finale and then had to Google what happened to all the characters after the show ended. The show never really went anywhere and all the characters were really annoying. Except, of course, for Amy's son, who averaged 3 lines every season. Falling in love turned out to be not such an easy thing to do when it came to watching this ABC Family (R.I.P) original.

This was funny, though.

"One Tree Hill" 

It was the second time I watched this show, so I only watched my favorite episodes throughout the seasons. Honestly, this show is so hard to beat. The drama, the relationships, the humor, the cast:

One Tree Hill is the perfect to show to get into and lose yourself in for an hour or a day or two.

"The 100"

 My sister and I stumbled upon this show on Netflix one day and now we count down the days until the newest season comes to Netflix. Set in the future after Earth became uninhabitable, the last of the human race lives on a space station. The station, not designed to last forever, begins breaking down. To save on air and supplies, they "float" anyone over 18 who commits a crime, and for criminals under the age of 18, they get sent to lock up. The 100 criminals under 18 are sent to Earth to see if it's safe. What happens next is a crazy journey of teens who finally have the freedom to do whatever they want. Until they meet the Grounders. 10/10 would recommend.