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Best Pinterest Exercises

Next time you catch yourself on Pinterest during free time when you should be working out instead (guilty as charged), stop pinning pictures of adorable puppies and the best hairstyles, and check out these great workouts brought to you by fellow pinners. Start with this pin on “100 Reasons You Should Work Out Today” to get yourself motivated. Then turn up the volume on your new Pinterest playlist and get started!

Abs are the core part of every workout (pun intended). Grab your exercise ball and put your feet together on top of the ball to start with the “hundreds,” a Pilates exercise in which you use your abs to bring your back off the ground in a curved position. Hold this position. To target lower abs, hold the same position with your legs outstretched on the floor instead of on the ball.

To tone your glutes, get into position with your knees and forearms on the floor. Wrap the resistance band around the bottom of your feet and hold the handles in front of you on the floor. Lift and lengthen your right leg straight back so that your body makes one straight line. Lower your right leg and do the same with the left.

Stand up straight with a chair behind you. Bend your right knee back and place the top of your right foot on the seat of the chair. Then bend your left knee to lower yourself into a lunge. Stay in this position to do lunges, and then repeat with your left leg on the chair behind you.

Use this pin diagram to work on sculpting your arms. It has four different arm exercises that will “zap arm-jiggle.” Do these three times a week, and you’ll notice improvement in no time!

Once you’ve mastered each of those, try these full-body workouts!

Tips for anything that jiggles

Whole body challenge

What’s your favorite Pinterest exercise? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Allison Goldberg is a junior at the University of Missouri double majoring in strategic communication journalism with an emphasis in PR and marketing and psychology. In Columbia, she is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha women's fraternity executive council and is a Rent the Runway campus rep. During her spare time you can find her shopping, spending time with her friends and family, running outside or reading a fashion magazine. Allison has interned at a social media firm, BCV Evolve in Chicago for the past two summers. She hopes to work for a fashion PR firm in Chicago or New York when she graduates and eventually travel to South America.
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