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The Best “Me Time” Movies

As college women, we don’t always have the best days. Men don’t understand us, classes consume all of our time and we feel a need to maintain perfection. But being human means we’re not perfect, and that we deserve some quality “me time.” When some women are feeling down, they go out with the girls, have a nice dinner or call Mom for a guaranteed cheering up sesh. But when those just aren’t enough, nothing is wrong with cuddling up on the couch with a blanket, some popcorn (or chocolate) and Her Campus Mizzou’s suggestions for the best “Me Time” Movies.

Any animated Disney movie ever made
When things just aren’t going your way, resorting back to your childhood will always make you feel cheerful. There is no better way to do this than by popping in a Disney movie from the good ole days (especially if you still own a VHS player). The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Aristocats, Cinderella, Finding Nemo; the list really does go on and on. So if you’re feeling some alone time is in order, get out that old hairbrush microphone, put on those pjs and treat yourself to some quality animation.


If you haven’t seen the latest all-female comedy, it’s no wonder you need more “me time.” From beginning to end, Bridesmaids will have you cackling like never before. Kristen Wiig’s character, Annie, hits rock bottom after turning away a good-looking Irishman, losing her soon-to-be-wedded BFF to a snobbish bridesmaid, and then eventually getting kicked out of the wedding. But in the end, she manages to pick up the pieces, find the humor in life and still be a kick-butt bridesmaid. If laughter is your favorite medicine, then be sure to choose this hilarious comedy out of the Redbox.


Dirty Dancing
“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” If only every guy would stand up for women like Patrick Swayze, not to mention look and dance like him too. Even if the plot isn’t 100 percent relatable, a girl can still dream. In addition, the movie provides some of a girl’s favorite things: attractive males, fun dancing, good music and a victorious, successful main female character. Baby changes from a semi-awkward and uncoordinated girl to a dancing, sexy woman. A good transformation always seems to put a smile on our faces and gives you the determination to make tomorrow better.


Mean Girls
We’ve heard this before: “How many times can you watch Mean Girls? The limit does not exist.” But really, a truer statement has never been made. We were pre-teen girls when this pop culture classic was released, and it has stayed with us through the awkward years of junior high and high school, and even through the more sophisticated and stressful college years. Therefore, watching Mean Girls on an off day is the perfect remedy for a new you. Plus, it is perfectly acceptable to quote every single line in the movie if you like. We won’t judge.


You’re going to need that hairbrush again. Grease is one of the best musicals in American film history and sure to turn your day around. Therefore, belting “Hopelessly Devoted to You” or dancing to “Greased Lightning” in front of your television is completely acceptable. Even if you didn’t grow up in the era of poodle skirts and greased-back hair, Grease is a timeless movie that brings out the Broadway star in you. Go ahead and try watching it without doing the “Hand Jive.” It just won’t happen.


Something Borrowed
Some people might have a moral conflict with Something Borrowed. How could any girl take a fiancé away from her best friend? According to Mean Girls, that would be against the rules of feminism. But by the end of the film, you might be thinking that maybe it is possible to have everything you want. Granted the main character, Rachel, gets the guy at the expense of her best friend, but the final scene leaves you with a sense of hope that best friends and love can conquer anything. Did we mention quirky Kate Hudson, good girl Ginnifer Goodwin, hilarious John Krasinski and the sexy Colin Eglesfield? This foursome makes the movie well worth your while.

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