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Ben Walton

Full name: Ben Walton
Campus involvement: Mizzou Athletics Head Photographer, Veritas, Mizzou Triathlon Team 
Favorite MU tradition: The Missouri Waltz and Tiger Stripe Ice Cream
Best Mizzou memory: Storming Faurot Field and taking the goal post to Harpo’s after we beat No.1 Oklahoma in Football my freshman year.
Favorite dining hall: Although I haven’t eaten at a dining hall in over three years, my favorites were Plaza 900 and Baja.
Ideal date: Any girl who can have a great time at a Texas Rangers baseball game is a keeper in my book. 
3 turn ons: Having great teeth and a nice smile. Being athletic and healthy. Having a passion for something and working towards goals.
3 turn offs: Smoking, cussing, binge drinking 
Celebrity crush: Reese Witherspoon/Brooklyn Decker
Most embarrassing moment: In middle school basketball I tripped on my shoe laces and fell in the middle of a game when no one was even around me. I also forged my mom’s signature on a detention slip in an attempt to not get in trouble in the first grade. I spelled her name wrong and got caught. Detention + grounding. 
Guilty pleasure: Broadway Musicals 
Dream job: Photographer/Videographer at Sports Illustrated
Something on your bucket list for this year: Complete a full triathlon with my little brother.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: In 10 years, I hope I’m living in New York and working at Sports Illustrated.
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