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Crystals are a great way to invite in positive energy, bring more balance to your life and they make for stunning decor in your home. With thousands of crystals out there, knowing where to start and which essentials you need in your collection can be confusing. 

Crystals are meant to spark joy and give off good vibrations to ward off negativity and help you feel more at peace. Going crystal shopping alone or with a group of friends is also a great experience and watching your collection grow is so satisfying. 

Here are 10 recommendations to start off your collection and help foster healing, protection, and confidence. If priced and sourced correctly, all are very affordable and make for a perfect foundation for your collection

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is one of my favorite stones because of how beautiful and affordable it is. I personally love putting a small piece in each of my plant pots to add some love into the soil and some decoration. This stone is perfect for attracting romantic love and self love, and it is found in virtually every crystal shop. 

Carnelian: TikTok has been blowing up with this stone lately because of its ability to give you a confidence boost and attract positive energy. Whether you believe it actually works or not, if it helps you become more confident and make you smile, it’s definitely worth the purchase. 

Amethyst: Not only is raw Amethyst absolutely stunning, it’s a perfect beginner stone because of its low vibration and calming properties. It was my first stone and I highly recommend giving this one as a gift to friends and family because of how unique each piece is. 

Citrine: Citrine is another stone that is so unique whether it’s tumbled or raw and comes in different shades of orange and yellow. It’s a perfect stone for happiness and positivity and is extremely affordable. Citrine is also perfect for a confidence boost and adds a nice pop of color to your collection.

Hematite: TikTok was also obsessed with hematite a few months ago and people were sharing their experiences with hematite rings supposedly breaking from all the negativity it absorbed. Although hematite is great for absorbing negative energy around you, I can confirm that the rings breaking from absorbing too much energy is not true. I’ve had my ring for months and haven’t gotten a scratch on it so if you find a good quality ring, you don’t need to worry about it breaking. 

Black Tourmaline: This stone is perfect for protection and cleansing auras. Whether it’s protecting you from bad situations or that one person you really don’t need in your life, black tourmaline has got your back. It has such a unique texture and color to it and usually comes in large chunks so it’s worth every penny. 

Clear Quartz: Just like its counterpart rose quartz, clear quartz can easily be found in any crystal shop and even when you go to the beach. It’s perfect for healing and clarity and comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Personally, I prefer raw quartz over tumbled, but either way you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this stone.

Moonstone: Not only is moonstone a beautiful rock, but it’s vibrations are essential for balancing emotions and improving focus. Moonstone jewelry is also popular and I highly recommend going that route if you’re looking to branch into crystal jewelry. 

Tigers Eye: This might be biased, tigers eye reminds me of Mizzou (go tigers!), but I loved adding this to my collection. It’s perfect for confidence, protection, fortune, and each piece is so different compared to the next. 

Green Aventurine: Due to its green color, green aventurine is good for wealth, prosperity, and healing. With good intentions, this stone can do wonders and can come in the shape of towers, palm stones, and small pieces.

After buying your crystals, make sure to cleanse them with salt or incense and then charge them either on your windowsill during the day or wait for a full moon to maximize energy. 

If you find stones that are too overpriced, don’t buy them because chances are you can find cheaper and larger pieces at another shop or online. When shopping, you’re guaranteed to find something that you’re attracted to and that gives off good energy, you just have to be patient and take your time! 

Sophia Donis

Mizzou '23

I’m a Journalism major with a minor in Political Science from the Chicago suburbs! I love interior design, spending time with my friends and snuggling up with a good book!
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