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Back To School Horoscopes

Welcome back to school! As we get busier and try to settle into our schedules, remember to breathe! There is no grade, organization or resume builder worth your mental or physical health. While you should sit down and grind to get a good start on the semester, you should also go outside to watch the sunset, listen to music and enjoy this life you have. Additionally, check on your friends! Everyone handles stress a different way, and, as much as you are struggling, someone you really care about is probably on that same bus. Don’t forget to text your friends, hug your family and be an overall positive force in the universe.

P.S. Mercury is out of retrograde, at least! It’s all uphill from here. It has to be.


It’s your season. This is your time, but it probably doesn’t feel like that. You do one little wrong thing, and it can ruin your whole day. That’s not fair. I know it’s easier said than done, but try to go against your natural instinct of worrying about every minuscule detail and look at the big picture. You may find this helps you calm down and breathe easy, even if it only lasts for eight minutes. It is important that you take care of yourself and not everyone else all the time. If someone needs you, but you must sacrifice a big part of yourself, you should decline. You want to be reliable and always have people come to you in their time of need, but it is starting to wear on you, and that’s also not fair. As your day approaches, take some time for yourself and put the books down! It is your day after all

Back-to-school destresser: Watch a funny movie to lighten your mood.


There has been a lot on your mind, so school is the last thing you are worried about. That can be good and bad. Once you handle the things in your relationships and personal life, school will come very easy. It is hard to focus when there are a million things going through your mind at once. Seek guidance from your loved ones in this confusing time. Maybe distract yourself for a bit by doing your homework, and vice versa. Giving the problems in your life separate and equal attention is important and can lead to breakthroughs faster, instead of trying to solve everything in one sitting. Libra season will bring love and clarity into your life, so hang in there for the time being.

Back-to-school destresser: Spend a day lost in an art gallery or museum.


Scorpio, you have been a little all over the place. It hasn’t punished you yet, but you shouldn’t make a habit out of this. Try to reign in your life now, while you can, and don’t wait until it gets out of control. Make sure to be proactive instead of reactive since playing the catch-up game with the universe is typically a losing one for us humans. If you get your life in order now, it will be a lot better when things actually get messy in October. Do what you have to do. Lock yourself in your house and clean, study, organize and revamp. It is crucial you take a second to slow down, gather your thoughts and prepare for what’s ahead. You are lucky right now, so thank the universe because favors don’t come very often for those who don’t take advantage of them.

Back-to-school destresser: Take a hike to clear your head.


Well, you are probably doing better than most of your friends with the “I’ll get around to it” mantra you have always embodied. This is your strength, so share and spread it. Show your Cancer friends that there is another way cope with stress, but be careful. You don’t want to step on someone’s toes and come off inconsiderate. In a polite way, invite your stressed friends out to dinner for a nice and light evening, but let them get home early and back to the books. Also, don’t get too comfortable. You don’t want to get complacent and wind up behind later in the year. Hold onto your positive spirit because a lot of the universe needs it right now. Hit the books, but you should continue to laugh, dance and smile. It will benefit others around you even if you aren’t trying to help.

Back-to-school destresser: read an interesting book.


Whoa, whoa, whoa….this isn’t going the best as it could, is it? I think you should seriously consider investing in a planner ASAP. Also, maybe set a few alarms on your phone. Do whatever it takes to get your feet on the ground. We must walk before we run, and you are rolling down a hill right now. But, luckily, things will be looking up this week. You can take a few days from going out and get your life together (before it goes to havoc again). I believe in you and your disciplined nature. Once established, your routine will be what you can fall back on when all else fails, but you just don’t have your foundation yet. That’s OK. Better late than never? The stars will soon form into your favor and the order in your life will be restored.

Back-to-school destresser: grab a bite with some friends.


I know you are a little disappointed with how the year started. It wasn’t all you hoped it would be, and your independence is leading you to spend days alone. Never be afraid or hesitate to reach out to your support system. That’s why they are here! It’s hard for you to be vulnerable sometimes, but it will help if you open up. On the bright side, this has caused you to study very hard the first few weeks, and you set yourself up for a good semester, which a lot of other people can’t say. I encourage you to put the books down, leave the library and text a friend you haven’t gotten to connect with lately. Next month will be more fun now that you have a solid foundation, so take advantage of your unplanned hard work!

Back-to-school destresser: Go out! Enjoy the company of your friends!


Whew! It’s been an exhausting few weeks, but that’s the best kind. You are the kind of tired where it hits you to the bone, and you literally have to crawl into bed. On the bright side, it is because you are doing the things you love. You are luckily back with your people, in your school, learning and growing. The days are long, and nights are short, but it is worth it when you feel fulfilled every second of it. Keep the good work. The people in your life may be tired but not tired in the same capacity you are. They need the inspiration to dedicate themselves to something they care about. In October, you will be tested on the things you care most about, so make sure you stay true to yourself when those hards times come. If you ever find yourself uninterested, remember how you’re feeling right now and stay in this mindset forever. It will serve you for the rest of your life.

Back-to-school destresser: Go to an event that challenges your perspective on something.


TAKE IT SLOW! You dived into the year like you drive into everything. It can be good but also bite you in the butt later, so don’t let that happen again. Be strong, slow down and think through everything you commit to. I challenge you to always look through your planner three times before committing to another thing. If you can do something to the best of your ability and grow from it, join! If not, be aware and strong enough to say no. It’s a really important skill to learn at this point in our lives. Keep taking risks and putting yourself out there, this will bring you wonderful people to help when you spread yourself too thin.

Back-to-school destresser: Take a nap in the middle of the day, you deserve it.


I’m so proud of you. You are embracing your stress and putting into good use. You have been grinding and putting 110% into everything you are involved with. We should all strive to handle this whirlwind we call life like you are right now. You are joining new organizations and taking classes that genuinely interest and excite you. Your confidence and determination are contagious, so keep radiating encouragement. And don’t lose it as the term starts to wear and tear on our souls. As you thrive and power through this time, extend a helping hand to those in need because you never know when you may need it return. The balance between work and play will begin to be very important in the coming weeks, so look out and seek shelter in your fellow Earth signs because you all will need each other as September turns to October.

Back-to-school destresser: write in your journal.


Could be worse, could be better. Not good, not great. It’s kind of just happening for you right now, which is new for you. Your life is basically a roller coaster, and right now, it is just plateauing, and you don’t know how to handle it. Take control of your year. Join something new, or remove negative things out of your life. You don’t need that energy in your life. September may be a snooze fest, but watch out for the exciting changes that the coming weeks are bringing, both good and bad. Power through this time, and spice up your own life. The universe will grant you some say in what happens, so take it while the offer is still on the table because soon it will take matters back into its own hands.

Back-to-school destresser: Discover new music.


I would just like to preface this by saying that I’m giving you a virtual hug right now. Can you feel it? School, jobs, organizations, clubs and friends are overwhelming you right now. That sentence itself probably made you a little uneasy. It seems like the semester hit you like a train, and the train backed up and ran over you again just for the fun of it. These first few weeks have emotionally drained you a lot, and I’m sorry. The universe is just trying to balance itself right now, and you happened to get the shortest end of the stick, but it will all be OK soon. Try to stay strong and reach out to friends and family when you are crying but also, it’s OK, and you should let it out if it’s inside. Better out of your system and not bottled up because we both know you will literally explode. October will bring some thinner air that will be easier to breathe.

Back-to-school destresser: Cuddle up in your softest blanket after a warm shower.


I sense a false sense of confidence and comfort. That may be the most dangerous way to be. I advise you to play it safe, and do a little more than you think you have to. Better safe than sorry, right? It can’t hurt to go above and beyond in the beginning to give yourself some wiggle room later. September was good to you. It brought back some of your best friends and started up school, which you love. October should be no different if you are careful, and you prepare ahead of time. Like your fellow fire sign, you and Aries have a habit a jumping into everything full fledged. Let’s try to dip our toe in to test the waters. Cherish the time with the people around you, but don’t forget to study a little in addition to all the wonderful connections you continue to develop with old friends and form with new ones. You will have a lot of new experiences and gain a lot of knowledge, so get ready! But don’t get too comfortable!

Back-to-school destresser: Listen to an interesting podcast.

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