And the Winner of Big Brother 20 is...

This is the MOMENT I’ve been waiting for since the start of big brother at the beginning of the summer! This season of big brother has been one of the craziest yet. With endless blindsides and backstabs in alliances, and showmances. So, what happened during finale night?


We have JC, Kaycee, and Tyler in the final three. Kaycee and Tyler are obviously huge competitors. What does that mean for JC? In Part One of the HOH competition, we have a very physically demanding competition. Tyler being a comp beast, he won the first part.


In Part Two of the HOH competition, we have a physical and mental competition. That means that it’s anyone’s game. But luckily for Kaycee, she beat JC by less than a minute in the competition!! Veto queen was cutting it close!


Now it’s down to the final two since day two, Tyler and Kaycee. They say great minds think alike, and that’s exactly what happened during this competition! Kaycee and Tyler answered each question the same! They either both got the question right, or both got the question wrong! Part three of the final HOH came down to a tie-breaker, in which Kaycee got the W. LET’S GO!!!



Most of us weren’t shocked when we found out Kaycee evicted JC. She had a final two deals with Tyler, so why would she keep JC? This made the finale more interesting. Two competition beasts, one veto queen, and one blind-siding king. Both played an amazing game. But who will the jury vote for? With many salty jurors, it was hard to tell how they would vote. Even though Tyler played an amazing game, were they not over the fact that they were sent to the jury house because of him? Or did they leave feelings aside and vote on gameplay?


Julie Chen starts reading off the jurors' votes. The last three jurors vote for Tyler. Then we see Kaycee get some votes. By the time we get to the last juror, both players have 4 votes, only 5 needed to win the $500,000. And who does Bayleigh vote for? Kaycee! My vote was for Kaycee, so I’m overwhelmed with joy that she won! She played the game when it counted the most, and finished stronger than any other competitor I’ve seen before. Also, congrats to Tyler for winning America’s Favorite! I love these two so much, so having them both win in the end was so rewarding! I’m excited to watch BB21 next summer, and Celebrity Big Brother this winter!