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Analyzing the Outfits in Season 2 of ‘Euphoria’

Warning: Euphoria season two spoilers ahead!

The season finale of Euphoria aired last Sunday, and let me just say that I’m shocked. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the episode. On the one hand, the scene of Maddy finally knocking some sense into Cassie gave me life. On the other hand, so many plot lines were left unfinished. Viewers are now wondering if Rue still owes Laurie $10,000 and if Fez will have to share a prison cell with Cal (alright, I might be the only one who cares about that second question). Apparently, a four-minute serenade from Elliot was more important than wrapping up these plot points, so I guess we’ll all have to wait until season three to find out what happens to our beloved (and not so beloved) characters. 

Despite this season’s faults, one aspect of Euphoria remained consistently impressive: fashion. While navigating tumultuous relationships and increasingly dangerous situations, the characters served look after look. As they grew and evolved, their outfits changed with them, reflecting their identities and inner motivations.

Below, I’ve dived into the main characters’ wardrobes and analyzed what their outfits meant in the context of the story.

Cassie Howard

Cassie is kind of a hot mess in season two. Most of her issues stem from Maddy’s garbage ex (aka Nate Jacobs), who she hooks up with throughout most of the season. 

This relationship completely takes over her life and Cassie does just about anything to capture Nate’s attention, including copying Maddy’s signature style. From matching sets to a Tiffany & Co. heart necklace, Cassie’s clothes look like she stole them straight out of Maddy’s closet and her extreme makeover reflects how she’s lost her identity in her attempts to conform to the male gaze. Episode seven further reveals how far gone Cassie is. She surrenders herself completely to Nate, telling him that he can dictate what she wears, what she eats and who she sees. 

I don’t know what’s in store for Cassie in season three, but I’m manifesting that she mends her relationships with her friends and ditches Nate for good. Despite her delusional behavior in season two, I’m still holding out hope for her.

Jules Vaughn

Jules is all about redefining her femininity in season two. Gone are the pastels and pleated skirts from the first season. With her baggy clothes and short hair, Jule’s new style is edgy, androgynous and experimental. 

This wardrobe change reveals that she has freed herself from the male gaze. Jules no longer feels pressure to conform to patriarchal expectations of womanhood and she is examining how her gender and sexuality affect her self-expression.

Heidi Bivens, Euphoria‘s costume designer, spoke to Women’s Wear Daily about Jules’ fashion transformation. 

“There’s more pants and more gender fluidity there. It’s not overly femme all the time,” Bivens said. “She’s still exploring and figuring out how to be comfortable in her own skin and asking herself questions about her sexuality on a regular basis” 

Rue Bennett

Rue is probably the most realistically dressed character. While the other Euphoria girls wear platforms and mini skirts to math class, Rue dresses down in sweatshirts and jeans. 

However, Rue’s casual style is just as significant as the other character’s outfits. This season, her wardrobe represents the ups and downs of her journey to sobriety.

Throughout most of season two, Rue isolates herself from her loved ones. She gaslights her sister, fights with her mother and lies to Jules all while falling further into addiction. As her familial relationships deteriorate, she stops wearing her signature maroon hoodie from season one. This hoodie belonged to Rue’s dad and it symbolizes someone who loved her. 

Only in the final episodes of season two does Rue begin to redeem herself. As she makes amends with her family and stays clean, she appears in the maroon hoodie more often. The hoodie’s reemergence gives me hope that Rue will remain sober in season three. While it was sometimes hard to root for her this season, I still want her to have a happy ending. 

Maddy Perez

From Nate’s abusive behavior to Cassie’s betrayal, Maddy surmounts numerous obstacles in season two. These tough situations force her to become more jaded and with this new attitude, she ditches the pastels and ultra-feminine silhouettes of season one. Her trendy style gains an edge as she dons darker clothes and razor-sharp eyeliner.

Despite these wardrobe changes, Maddy remains Euphoria‘s it-girl. She frequently rocks matching sets, bodycon dresses and tiny purses, channeling Y2K fashion with many of her outfits. Her bold outfits depict her inner confidence and even influence trends in real life.

Kat Hernandez

In my opinion, the writers kind of failed Kat this season. She barely has any screen-time and is almost insignificant to the plot. Despite the flop that is Kat’s season two character arc, her outfits are just as stylish as ever. Compared to her season one looks, Kat’s new wardrobe is less edgy and more mature, reflecting her journey towards self-acceptance.

Bivens examined Kats style evolution with Vogue. 

“She’s definitely struggling trying to figure out who it is she wants to be,” Bivens told Vogue. “I think her taste and her style is individualistic in that I don’t think she’s swayed by what the other girls are wearing, or deciding what she’s going to wear based on what other people are wearing. I think she does have a strong idea of what she thinks is cool.”

Lexi Howard

Lexi (aka the best character) is more conservative and academic than the other girls. Her style is that of the quintessential girl next door.

However, Lexi has gained more confidence this season, partly because of her new relationship with Fez. Her outfits used to help her blend in, but now her style makes her stand out. This season she wears red lipstick, bright plaids and collared dresses. Lexi is unafraid to be herself and her new wardrobe reflects this. 

Despite just watching the season finale, I’m anxiously awaiting season three. I can’t help but wonder what the writers will have in store for us next time and I can only hope that the plot will improve for some of my favorite characters. I’m also looking forward to the outfits for next season. Will Cassie still dress like a clone of Maddie, how will Jules’s wardrobe continue to evolve and will Rue’s maroon hoodie make a comeback? No matter what happens, I know the show will deliver even more iconic looks and I can’t wait to see them.

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