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Alexis Rogers, Pageant Queen

Alphi Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Zeta Alpha Chapter at MU, puts on the Mizzou Black and Gold pageant every year for female Mizzou students. Alexis Rogers was Miss Black and Gold 2012 and handed down her crown Friday, April 12. Her journey is not over though. Her Campus Mizzou got the chance to talk to Miss Black and Gold 2012 about her pageant and future endeavors.


Her Campus Mizzou: What is Miss Black & Gold?

Alexis Rogers: It was originated to display minority women all over the country.  It’s a national pageant that Alpha Phi Alpha does on your specific campus, but you go up as you win. The Mizzou Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity offers an informational in December, and then when we come back to school in January, there are practices twice a week. You get graded on your grades, community service and involvement. There is an interview process and on-stage.  The pageant has two different paths: court and pageant. If you win court, the winner is crowned Miss Zeta Alpha. If you win pageant, the winner is crowned Miss Black and Gold and goes on to compete for the national Miss Black and Gold. Pageant is what I won.


HCM: What were you thinking when you won Mizzou Miss Black and Gold 2012?

AR: I won Miss Congeniality, so I was really surprised to win the pageant because that doesn’t usually happen. That was awesome!


HCM: What has the process been since you won in 2012?

AR: It goes districts, regionals and then nationals. Nationals will be in the summer. Mizzou picks their Miss Black and Gold really early so it is more spaced out.


HCM: How was the district pageant?

AR: I won districts in Missouri! It was held at Missouri Sate University. It was a long day process; we came in, learned a dance and competed it all that night. Regionals are April 19 in Cincinnati, Ohio. If I win there, I go to nationals.

HCM: Have you ever done any other pageants?

AR: I’ve never done a pageant before. There are some girls who have in the past. Maikieta Bradley is my mentor and she’s competed in the competition. She’s been helping me in the process. I hope our chapter continues its strong reputation.


HCM: Did you have a talent?

AR: I did a comedic dialogue that I wrote. It was called “Diary of Mad Black Princess.” I am Princess Tiana in the monologue. It’s based off the first black Disney princess (Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog), so I just talked about it from a black woman’s perspective at this point and time. I love theater. This will be my talent in Regionals. I didn’t really feel a song or instrument (which I can do) expressed myself well, but I thought writing a monologue did.


HCM: What came out of the pageant for you?

AR: Right after my freshmen year, my mom passed away. I wasn’t myself. The process of Miss Black and Gold helped me out. Doing all the community service and being with the brothers were good for me. Also, I’ve always been a confident person, and this pageant definitely tested my confidence. All the girls would think this. You have to sell your genuine self, and I took this with me in my major and career goals now.


HCM: What would you say to the contestants of the pageant this year?

AR: Rock out. This is your journey. You are going to go on stage and show people your journey. Have fun. My pageant was so fun. It’s like one big family. There were people I got to know that I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t done the pageant. 

She's a junior at the University of Missouri - Columbia, studying journalism with a strategic communication emphasis and a business minor. She hopes to be a part of the advertising world soon. She loves reading magazines, watching sports, and hanging out with family and friends.
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