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After 5 Tipsy Seasons, The Jersey Shore Begins its Final Chapter

When MTV’s Jersey Shore began in 2009, it started a cultural phenomenon filled with fake tans, extensions, loud people, and, to be perfectly honest, stupid nicknames.

Season six premiered on Thursday, Oct. 4, at 10 p.m. (Eastern Time), and started the ending of a forever remembered, but hopefully forgotten, reality TV show.

The first episode from Season one opens with an introduction of the crazy assortment of characters. Unfortunately, watching only a few minutes of this show reveals some of the secrets we’d hoped Americans would never show the rest of the world.

We start off with the ridiculous haircut. Pauly D, “your girl’s favorite DJ,” has an absurd hairstyle, looking similar to a hedgehog.


Snooki, a small, overly tanned and loud-mouthed chick tells us how excited she is to go to the “Jersey Shore, BITCH!”


Mike, “The Situation,” reveals his abs before his face, which tells us enough. We tune him out.


Sammi “Sweetheart” is the “sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet.”


Vinny has just finished up with college. He has just turned 21, and is ready to get out, get down and go party.


Jenni “JWOWW,” has the husky voice of a smoker and very large, very fake boobs. Apparently other girls don’t like her.


Ronnie swears he will never fall in love at the Jersey Shore. The guy can’t put his arms by his side, due to his overly “juiced” bod.


Angelina, the “all natural” one, is the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.”


Next we see the house. It has wood siding, multiple levels, a hot tub and tiny beds. As the house fills with more and more fake tans, we start to see the dynamics of what the rest of the show will provide us. Snooki gets tipsy, the guys talk about bringing girls to the house and people drink out of disposable cups. We meet the duck phone, see The Shore Store and observe some really useless drama.

As the new season comes up, we realize just how far these characters have come. We lost Angelina, and gained Deena. Boyfriends and girlfriends came and went. The shore team went to Miami and Florence, Italy. Snooki got engaged and had a baby “meatball.” JWOWW followed suit by getting engaged. Pauly D had his own show about his DJ career.

The wardrobe hasn’t changed at all, of course, with lots of Ed Hardy clothing, rhinestone t-shirts and leopard print. Mike still refers to himself in third person, JWOWW’s boobs are still big, Snooki still whines a lot and Ron still can’t put his arms at his side.

Love to hate it, or hate to love it, Jersey Shore is back, and the drama is coming to an end.

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