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9 Things Women Need to Know for the 2012 Election

Editor’s Note:  In the future, we will be dedicated to more objective reporting and proper source integration.  We apologize for any inaccuracies.  

Whether it’s your first time voting or you’re a veteran at the polls, it is very important for every collegiette to be aware of what each candidate’s stances and beliefs mean for her. Research is a must come election year, especially when candidates’ true beliefs may become misconstrued by the media. Here are the main issues that affect women in this election year. Stay tuned for more breakdowns of the 2012 campaign, and don’t forget to rock the vote!

– Will repeal “Obama Care” (see the Under Barack Obama section) and in place of it, will have states create their own health care policies based on their own needs.

– Will overturn Roe v. Wade, a court case that ruled on a woman’s right to have an abortion. It is unclear under which circumstances Romney believes a woman can have an abortion. As of 2012, it is in cases of rape or incest.

– Will get rid of Planned Parenthood, because he believes it is too expensive for the country. He also wants to enact a minimum age in which women can purchase birth control.

– Rejects marriage equality, including civil unions, which are available for homosexual couples today.

– Wants women with young children to be given federal assistance so they can go back to work.    

– Wants to enact the Affordable Healthcare Act to give those who cannot afford insurance the access to services and comprehensive chronic care like prenatal and maternity care. Today, women pay more than men for the same healthcare. Under Obama it will be equal.

-Wants free contraceptives to be available to women.

– Wants to continue to give women a choice concerning abortion. Agrees women have the right to make their own decision.

– Wants to continue Medicare as it is today with a few alternations. Today, Medicare has many parts. They include: health insurance for the elderly, the chronically ill, and the disabled; free hospital insurance for workers who paid insurance taxes during their working years; and monthly medical coverage costs determined by income.  


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