7 Ways to Get Your Life Together in Less Than 7 Minutes

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It's that point in the semester. The excitement of new classes, new professors and new classmates has officially worn off and the stress of midterms, finding a summer internship and maybe even starting your first job is beginning to sink in. We all get overwhelmed sometimes, but there are a few quick ways you can make yourself at least look halfway put together, right? You know what they say. Fake it till you make it.

These 7 tips are quick, easy ways you can start getting organized, feel confident and get your productivity back. 

1. Just get a planner already.

Actually use it. Writing down a to-do list might sound cliche, but it will actually help you visualize all of the tasks you need to complete and learn how to plan your time efficiently. Not to mention, carrying a cute and stylish planner around campus is just another accessory to add to your already fab outfit. Erin Condren has the most adorable prints that are colorful enough to match practically any wardrobe piece you own. 

2. Set your alarm 15 minutes before you think you need to get up.

Let's face it: something almost always comes up in the morning that makes us run later than we were planning. Spilling your latte all over your new romper, stabbing yourself in the eye with mascara, forgetting your phone charger at home and having to turn around when you're already halfway to class (because no one wants to be stranded on campus all day without a phone charger — priorities). We have all been there. By setting your alarm 15 minutes early and NOT hitting snooze, you give yourself plenty of cushion time in case of emergency.

3. Realize dry shampoo is a necessity.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you start saving time and energy washing your hair with actual shampoo and conditioner. Let's face it, dry shampoo is the real MVP of college life (just don't abuse it).

4. Start color coding your notes.

Notes taken in class that are scribbled sloppily across a torn out page of your old notebook only adds stress when it comes to reviewing for exams. Take a couple of minutes after class and go over the day's notes with a colorful assortment of markers, pens, or highlighters to emphasize the important stuff you really don't want to forget. Erin Condren has super cute, colorful marker pens that are perfect for note taking (Of course, your pens have to match your planner).

5. Start finding quick, healthy snacks you can take to class.

No one likes to be hangry, but no one wants to spend money eating on campus every day either (Um, hello? Broke college students). Plan ahead and pack snacks or healthy meals to take with you to your classes for the day. By having a healthy snack on hand, you're less likely to binge on a bag of potato chips when you get back to your dorm room or apartment late at night. 

6. Plan everything you need for the next day the night before.

Right down to the clothes you're going to wear — make sure they are ready for the morning. This kind of goes hand in hand with the whole "set your alarm 15 minutes early" thing; something is bound to happen that will make you run late, so make sure you have things organized so you can just grab it and go when you are in a rush.

7. Create a vision board and look at it every morning when you wake up.

Not only are vision boards the perfect dorm room or apartment decoration, but they keep you motivated and on track towards achieving your goals. Vision boards are collages of things that inspire you. Inspirational quotes, images of the job you want to have one day and pictures of healthy food are all examples of things you might include on your board. The best part about vision boards is that they are completely your own. They reflect who you want to become as a person. 

These are only a few of the many quick ways you can start to feel like you're slaying at life again. We all have our moments of disarray, but these tips are sure to help keep you organized, productive and on track towards your goals.