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No matter what year or month it is, one thing remains: a constant eb and flow of trends in the world of fashion. If trends are the designs that couture houses present for the season, style is what we make of it. Style is all about putting your best foot forward, expressing yourself, and being confident in who you are and what you choose to represent. However, every now and then our style needs a boost. A little freshening up, if you will. Here are seven ways you can elevate your style right now. 

Clean out your closet. 

This is probably the most important key to elevating your style. Oftentimes, our closets are a cluttered mess of various sizes, colors, patterns and trends that culminated over time. The best thing you can do to start elevating your style is to go through all the clothes you already have and begin clearing some of them out. Yes, that means the dress you wore to your sophomore year homecoming and the T-Shirt commemorating your high-school club. Get rid of the frumpy sweater that doesn’t flatter you no matter how comfortable it is. 


For me, cleaning out my closet is a seasonal ritual. When the weather changes, so does my closet. I move all my out-of-season pieces to storage, and transfer the in-season ones into my closet. Additionally, I take whatever clothes I didn’t wear that season and I get rid of it. By doing so, I am leaving myself with the clothes I actually enjoy wearing consistently. I also practice this when I buy new clothes. For every new item I get, I like to get rid of a piece in my closet. The ultimate goal is to never be overwhelmed when you look at your closet. 

Find some consistency in your closet.

When you clean out your closet, you should be able to find some consistency afterwards. Your personal style should be more evident in the pieces left over. Did you keep clothes within the same color scheme? Did you get rid of everything that was leopard print? Did you keep tops that have the same flattering neckline? Whatever it may be, hone in on those choices. Whatever works for you works period. It doesn’t need changing, just more of an emphasis.

Invest in quality staple pieces. 

I like a good deal as much as the next broke college girl, but for a quality staple piece, I don’t mind hashing out more than a few pretty pennies. Whether the price is high or low, quality should always come before quantity. So instead of spending a hundred dollars on ten shirts from Forever 21, spend that hundred dollars on a pair of jeans that can survive a lifetime in your closet. Sometimes, however, the cheap shirt from Forever 21 is super cute. It actually qualifies as a staple item, not something so trendy that it’s going to be irrelevant next year. In that case, take pride in finding that awesome deal and pair it with your expensive jeans. You’ve elevated your style, and no one will be able to guess that you’re wearing a mixture of cost-effective and luxurious brands. 

Balance your outfits.

Each outfit should be made up of smart colors, fitting, and style. Your outfits should be balanced, not overwhelming or clashing. Balance bold patterns with simple colors and fits. Although those big, fun, dangly earrings may be cool, they may clash with your leopard print top. Maybe pair them with a simple black T-Shirt instead. If you have a white top on, maybe try and wear white shoes, or even a white handbag! You can always break the simplicity in between with a pop of color or print. Balancing can really help pull an outfit together and elevate your style!

Wear clothes that fit you.

I know, I know. Oversized, baggy T-Shirts are super comfortable and easy to wear. When you are trying to elevate your style though, opt for clothes that fit your body better. Shape and fit matter with all body types! When you wear the right size for your body, your clothes will appear more flattering. And this is not true for only oversized clothes, undersized items can be just as unflattering. It is just as bad to have a tank top that’s too tight, or jeans that are too tight. Ignore whatever the number or letter is, and only acknowledge the way clothes fit on your body. By doing so, you’ll probably end up shifting between a couple different sizes in all your clothes and that’s totally okay. 

Accessories are your friends.

But, only a few accessories should be your best friends. Meaning, be conscious of the amount of accessories you put on. You don’t need to wear five bracelets and two necklaces with feather earrings and a wide headband at the same time. You also want to find the sort of accessories that work for you. Once again this brings us to balancing our outfits. Accessories should never be too overwhelming or distracting, but if they are paired right, they can take your outfit to the next level. Maybe gold jewelry looks better on you than silver. Wearing a few rings on different fingers can really get that boho-chic look to translate. Wearing a beret could compliment the sophistication of your leather boots. Maybe a scarf would really pull your outfit together and give you an extra layer of warmth. A handbag or clutch may be the perfect pairing for any occasion.

Confidence is key. 

No matter what, confidence looks better than anything you could wear or buy. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! But if you don’t have confidence, fake it until you make it. People will believe it and then you can actually feel it for yourself!

Just another STL native studying Journalism at Mizzou. Lover of music, books, fashion, and pasta.
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