7 Summer Fitness & Wellness Trends You Have to Try

It's time to start drinking green stuff, spending your weekends at fitness classes, sporting your yoga shorts and mixing in all kinds of all natural ingredients with names no one can pronounce into your smoothies. The semester is finally over, which means you can kick back, relax and treat your body good as a reward for all of the stress you have been putting it through the past few weeks (do finals make anyone else's cortisol levels skyrocket?).

If you're a frequent user of Instagram, chances are you have stumbled across your fave blogger drinking Bulletproof Coffee, eating unicorn toast that looks as magical as your typical bowl of Lucky Charms, snapping a candid photo in front of the oh-so-famous glowing neon "Soul Cycle" sign post-workout or talking about some new supplement they've been taking.

If you've been wondering which trend to try out, look no further. We've rounded up the top 7 fitness and wellness trends that are all the rave as we dive into the summer season.



 Fitness Festivals and Retreats

Think Coachella, except instead of rocking a boho-style outfit with glitter all over your body, you're sweating it out in your favorite set of activewear in a massive meet-up of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. At most festivals, there are stations where you can try out the latest "good for you" foods, do different kinds of workouts and shop all the trendiest styles of activewear (A.K.A. heaven on Earth for the wellness junkie).


Bulletproof Coffee

Ever wondered what in the world this "Bulletproof Coffee" is that everyone seems to be drinking first thing in the morning these days? Well, apparently it's known to kill that mid-morning slump, making you feel more energized, alert, and full for a longer period of time. Bulletproof Coffee is made from a blended up mix of Upgraded Coffee™, Brain Octane™ Oil and unsalted grass-fed butter.


Matcha Green Tea

That green drink that everyone keeps talking about? Chances are it's matcha. Matcha green tea is a very potent green tea that comes in powder form. In fact, "Matcha" literally means powdered tea. Since the tea is not infused, and you are actually drinking the leaves, it is more nutrient dense and offers a slew of health benefits. High levels of antioxidants that reduce heart disease and cancer, better blood sugar regulation, increased alertness and a boosted metabolism are only a few of the perks that come along with your cup of matcha. 


Unicorn Toast

Move over, avocado toast! There's a new, colorful snack in town, and it is here to stay. Unicorn toast, most famously seen on @vibrantandpure's beautiful Instagram account, is without a doubt pretty to look at and makes for an Insta-worthy photo-op. But what ingredients are in the spread to give it such a vibrant pop of color? The original recipe of @vibrantandpure's Unicorn Toast is made from whole grain toast, dairy-free almond based cream cheese and natural plant-based pigments. 


Body Weight Training Workouts

Ditch the gym membership; because all you need is your body and a whole lot of motivation. Body weight training is becoming more and more popular as the fitness movement makes its way outdoors. From videos of your favorite celebrity trainer sweating it out on the beach with absolutely no equipment, to the yogi Instagrammer snapping shots of poses that require extreme strength, body weight training is becoming more and more popular in the sea of workouts. 


The Paleo Diet and Clean Eating

More and more people are hopping on the "Paleo Diet Bandwagon", opting for foods with more natural, whole, raw ingredients. The Paleo approach to eating takes on the "caveman way of life," by only eating things that a caveman could have eaten. This means no processed foods like refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, or enriched flour that is often found in the foods Americans eat every day. Fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, seeds, meat, fish, coconut and olive oils, etc. are examples of real foods that the Paleo dieter may eat on the daily. 


Collagen Peptides

Similar to a protein powder you would mix in your smoothie, oatmeal, or yogurt. Collagen peptides are fairly new to the sphere and making huge waves. It has been shown to support healthy hair, balance hormones, aid in digestion and give your skin that glow we all crave for the summer months. 


The list of popular trends goes far beyond these 7 and will without a doubt continue to grow. The important thing is to remember to do what is best for your body - and that may just be eating colorful Unicorn Toast every morning. You do you.