A 60-Second Guide to Voting in Columbia

This election campaigning season has many been things: hectic, troubling, scary and most importantly close. Every day the margins inch closer and closer together, which only makes it more important that citizens go vote. Voting in Columbia is easy, too! 

For a lot of us who have had to stay to get in-state tuition, we've had to re-register to vote in Missouri. Once you've done that, finding your polling place is easy.

Check out: www.showmeboone.com

From there, use the drop down search bar and select "Polling Locations - Search" which takes you here:

Enter your information, and you have your polling location!

And don't think that the Clinton vs. Trump battle is the only thing worth paying attention to. There are many other things on the Missouri ballot. For example, Roy Blunt has been involved in Missouri politics since 1972! Is it time for him to hit the road, or have you liked what's been going on so far? Take some time to really figure out where you stand on the issues, as there's more than just the presidential race to vote on.

A quick and easy way to do this is to take a "Who Do I Side With" quiz: Missouri Edition: https://www.isidewith.com/missouri-voter-guide

Mark Nov. 8 on your calendars, and happy voting Tigers!