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6 Things I Was Obsessed With When I Was Younger

As a millennial, I was a “tween” in 2007-2009. And in those years there were trends, bands, etc. that I’m ashamed to admit that I loved back then. So here’s my list of the top six things I was obsessed with when I was younger.

1. Hair Highlights

When I graduated in the summer of 2009, I was eager to get highlights so I could follow my “idols” at the time (Hannah Montana for one) so I got blonde highlights. With the contrast of my dark brown hair, this was nearly a disaster, and one I should have tried to avoid.

2. Facebook

I got Facebook in 2009 and I must admit I was one of those people who decided to document my life, even with the most simplistic things. I also didn’t write in complete, grammatically-correct sentences because I thought that was the “cool thing to do.” I thought Facebook was a “cool, high-school thing” and wanted everyone to know that I HAD one.

3. Aeropostale and other name brands

During my tween years, I was OBSESSED with Aeropostale. The trend was labels. If you didn’t have a label on your shirt, you had NO STATUS.

4. “Twilight” saga

I read all four books cover-to-cover in grade school probably four times. When the movie came, out I was so excited. I was so eager to see who was playing Edward and gawked with jealousy at his relationship with Bella.

5. The Jonas Brothers

One of the few things I am not ashamed to admit is that I was obsessed with The Jonas Brothers. I had a major crush on them because they were SO cute, good performers and seemed genuine. To my disappointment, I never got to meet my future husband (Nick).

6. “Duck-face” and over-editing pictures

Back to my “image.” If you weren’t posing with the “duck face,” then your pictures were boring. And why wouldn’t you put a double filter and fix the lighting!?

A lot of things I was “obsessed with” has changed, but only as what they are. I’m still obsessed with famous novels, bands and styling my hair. And, of course, I still love Nick Jonas.

From chicago, Illinois she's finding that being a cubs fan is a rarity. After changing her major a dozen times she's decided on Special Education and Psychology.Her hobbies include; working on her book(if she ever finishes it)crafting, playing her violin, religiously watching reruns of How I met Your Mother and loving Phi Lamb
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