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The 6 Stages Of Your Halloween Night (Plus Costume Ideas!)

You hear a knock at the door, still in sweats, a little annoyed that someone would bother you at this hour (8 p.m.) AND they disturbed you from catching up on “Orange is the New Black.” You open the door to your friends, one is wearing a long blond, braided wig and immediately starts singing “Let It Go” and your other friends is wearing cat ears and glaring at you. Then it hits you, it’s HALLOWEEN!

Some people’s favorite holiday is Christmas or even Valentine’s Day but mine is Halloween! It’s basically free candy day AND you get to dress up. Even if you’re too old (embarrassed) to go retrieve candy from houses, candy the day after Halloween is so cheap. So here are the six stages of a college girl’s Halloween night and some “unique” costume ideas!

Stage 1: You realize it’s Halloween and when your friends come over, they try to convince you to go out.

Stage 2: You finally pick the costume and settle on something easy and simple.

Stage 3: You decide to hit up the frats (if you’re brave), house parties or bars. As soon as you open the door, you realize you forgot one of the “girl rules” of Halloween, the more scandalous the better! Needless to say you’re a little bit in shock. You quickly grab a cupcake and try to look like you’re having fun.

Stage 4: It’s that time of the night where your friends have drifted off to scout for boys and you start to dance to attempt to attract some guy, like that cute guy wearing a toga.

Stage 5: You realize that it has come to that weird hour when people start disappearing in two’s and you’re still nursing your diet coke. You gather up your friends and attempt to make the walk to Hot Box Cookies and wallow.

Stage 6: Finally in the comfort of your home and bunny slippers, you and your girls reflect on the night and you realize you’ve lost one of your mouse (or tiger) ears and drown out your sorrows. It’s the end to just another Halloween, but, hey, you got free cupcakes out of it!

Now, here are some last-minute costume ideas!

Rosie the Riveter. A great and easy-to-gather costume, representing your stance on the power of women! All you need is a red bandana, a jean shirt, pants and boots of some sort. For the curl you curl in and tuck it into the bandana or just keep it in a messy bun. For the makeup, use red lip stick!

A mouse. You could channel you inner Karen from “Mean Girls” and find a pair of mouse ears (or tiger ears) and be a animal. It’s super easy to put together: pair the ears with a color-complimenting top and skirt or leggings.

Miley Cyrus. This is a pretty popular and easy costume to do. All you need is any kind of top, like a white tank top and some bright leggings. The main thing you need to do is to have dramatic makeup with bright red lipstick and eye shadow to bring out your eyes. Don’t forget to put two little buns on your head, just like Miley!

80’s attire. This is another easy costume to do. You simply tease your hair, stick with minimal makeup and steer towards very “80’s attire.” What 80’s attire consists of is bright colors, chunky jewelry, tights, spandex, jackets with shoulder pads and LOTS of plaid. Here are several looks to channel.

Don and Betty Draper from “Mad Men.” This is a fun and easy costume to do. To be Betty, all you have to do is curl your hair into this 60’s style. If you don’t have any long dresses you can always pair a simple top and skirt, light red lipstick and minimal makeup.

Grumpy Cat. If you’re not into extravagant costumes but have a pretty dry sense of humor, the Grumpy Cat outfit is for you! There are makeup tutorials on YouTube and you only have to worry about wearing an all gray outfit.

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