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6 Spring Break Destinations (Besides PCB!)


Spring break does not necessarily have to mean PCB every year.  It can be anywhere you want, after all this is our one and only break to relax in the middle of the semester.  After that we need to be refreshed and ready to go for the last month of school and finals.  So go where you want to go and do whatever it is you like to do! Even if that means camping, shopping, tanning by the ocean, gambling, or hitting up some slopes.  You should make it whatever is the most fun for you.  Here are some other ideas and suggestions just incase PCB didn’t sound like that much fun or it’s just not what your into… there is something for everyone.


1.)   Chicago, Illinois

Chicago could be one the cheapest Spring Break options that you could find.  There is no need for a flight, since it is only a short six hour drive away from Columbia, and chances are that you have a friend form there as well and wouldn’t even need a hotel.  Chicago students at Mizzou, and any college, love bragging about their city.  To them it is seen as one of the best places on the planet.  What better way for them to show you that then to spend the week in the city and seeing all that it has to offer?  There is truly never a dull moment in this city.  Being a native myself, I say from personal experiences that the shopping is to-die-for on the Magnificent Mile, the pizza is mouth-watering at Lou Malnati’s, and that places like Navy Pier and Millennium Park are found nowhere else in the country.  Chicago really does have its own vibe and can be done relatively easily as a spring break getaway and at a reasonable price.

2.)   South Padre, Texas

South Padre during Spring break is very similar to the spring break partying found in Panama City Beach, but only west of the Mississippi.  Student City is a student tour operation that specializes in spring, summer, and winter break trips for college and high school students that began back in 2004.  One of the perks about planning with the Student City organization is that they will also make your flight and hotel arrangements as an all-inclusive package.  They provide everything from day parties on the beach to the club life with celebrities at night in the Student City Party Package.  They offer nine other locations, even a few out of the continental U.S., such as the Bahamas’, Mexico, and Dominican Republic. 

3.)   Sedona, Arizona

For a more adventurous, yet relaxing vacation where you can become one and enjoy nature you may want to consider Sedona, Arizona.  Known as “Red Rock Country” there is almost no outdoor activity you can’t do.  It is good for hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and golf.  “When the sun goes down and Sedona’s red rocks are blanketed by darkness, it’s possible to watch a heavenly light show – one that is rarely seen in cities where bright lights drown out the limpid night sky.”  If you like nature and the spiritual and personal entertainment it offers than this is the vacation for you.

4.)   Breckinridge, Colorado

What many people do not know about Breckinridge is that it is actually closer than most of the competing warm vacations on the beach.  It is a 13-hour drive from Columbia and offers what would seem to be a breathtaking view along the way.  If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other snow filled activities but were let down by the amount Missouri received this winter then Breckinridge would be the perfect way to get your snow fill in.  Nothing sounds more refreshing in the middle of the semester than some hot chocolate in front of a fireplace after a long day up and down the slopes.  Ski packages can be found relatively cheap as well on student specific websites such as collegeskipackages.com, where you can find a house for up to 12 people at rather reasonable prices.  

5.)   Las Vegas, Nevada

This is one of the more pricey options on the list but “Sin City” is just about every college students dream.  There is gambling, and parties that are unimaginable… even the hotels are a spectacle to see. You can travel from New York to Paris in a day!  This trip can also be planned through Student City, similar to that of the South Padre trip, and can also be all-inclusive like the others as well.  Even if Student City wasn’t your number one travel option, Las Vegas can be more affordable than people think and is an experience every college student should be apart of at one point or another.  We are only young once anyways!

6.)   New York City, New York

The Big Apple, again similar to our last destination, is something everyone should go and get a feel for.  Chances are you won’t be able to get to see even close to everything it has to offer in one week’s time but it would be a start.  New York City is the most heavily populated city in the nation and one of the biggest in the world.  There is so much to do and has something for everyone.  For the Hipsters of the world, the music scenes are phenomenal, and then there is also the crazy sense of fashion that is incomparable to anywhere else.  Even a Gossip Girl Tour might be a good bet from some huge fans after the series finale this past year. 

Only a little over a month till spring break left!  Good luck in your planning, collegiettes!


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