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6 Old Shows You’ll Get Hooked On


With the weather consistently changing and the wrath of unending homework beginning, us college girls need a small break at the end of each day. My suggestion? Find a new show on DVD or Netflix for a brief break during the week. Here are some oldies but goodies to start watching ASAP!

1.  Friends: for those with girl crushes on Jennifer Aniston, as well as the need for a few laughs throughout the day, this show is ideal. This group of six friends keeps the level of sarcasm high and the laughter consistent through each episode.

2.  Friday Night Lights: this American sports drama narrows in on a small town football team and the daily lives of a few high school teenagers undergoing struggles, tragedy, and early adulthood.

3.  The OC: set in the small, high class town of Newport Beach, CA., a teenage boy is adopted by a wealthy family and befriends a few new lifelong companions even through all the trauma they all must live through.

4.  Sex and the City: in New York City, four friends take on the realities of sex, careers, and fashion.

5.  That Seventies Show: the combination of Wilmer Valderrama, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher is an unbeatable one. This sitcom with help during any gloomy day.

6.  Fresh Prince: Will Smith moves from Philadelphia to Beverly Hills with his wealthy aunt and uncle, adjusting to a life in which he’s never known. This show will no doubt keep you laughing all day. 


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