5 Top Notch Highlighters You Need to Try ASAP

Three words: highlight on point. Whether you're looking for a subtle glow or cheekbones so reflective they could basically blind someone if the light hit them at the right angle, there's no doubt that the highlight/contour craze is here to stay. But even if you consider yourself the biggest makeup enthusiast on the planet, choosing the absolute best highlighter for your skin type and complexion can be confusing. The options are endless. Liquid? Powder? To illuminate or not to illuminate? We've rounded up the best highlighters on the market to make your choice a tad bit easier.



Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder

This highlighter is a great option if you like a little bit of sparkle that is subtle, natural, lightweight and easily blended. If you love the Urban Decay eyeshadow Naked Palette, this illuminated shimmering powder serves as a nice compliment. It comes in three colors: Aura, Illuminated, and Lit. (Editor's Note: I have this highlighter, too, and it's a chunkier glitter that really packs a punch!)


NARS Hot Sand Illuminator

The NARS Hot Sand Illuminator is a liquid highlighter, and a little goes a long way. It comes in a 1.10 fl oz. bottle, which may not sound like much, but it should last you awhile. For being a liquid highlighter, it is also fairly lightweight with a thin consistency. It blends well when lightly applied to the high points of the face before putting on bronzer and blush. With liquid highlighters, you can also mix a drop or two in with your foundation to create an all over dewy glow.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

Cover FX already has an amazing cream contour palette that pretty much everyone is obsessed with, but these custom enhancer drops are fairly new, and they are definitely something to talk about. These drops are formulated to allow you to customize your perfect glow by either adding them to your favorite foundation or skincare product, or even just patting a few across your cheekbones on top of your makeup to give you an illuminated glow. They come in six different shades and can be found at Sephora.


Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder

This powder is the perfect combination of glitter and shine. It is easy to sweep over the top of your finished face to create the perfect sun-kissed reflective glow that will really make your cheekbones pop. It comes in two shades, pink glow and bronze glow, allowing for easy matching no matter what the undertone of your skin may be.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

This creamy pressed powder has been known to act as a "spotlight for your skin" — yes, please. Unlike a regular powder, the Becca Shimmering Perfector Pressed Highlighter combines pigments and liquids to create a high-shine, silky finish. This is a good option if you are going more for an elegant look because it will not appear glittery at all. Instead, this highlighter creates an illuminated, reflective appearance.



While there are tons of highlighters in the world of makeup to choose from, these five caught our eye as the major standouts. Ultimately, testing out different kinds and seeing which works best with your skin type will be the best way to achieve your perfect, illuminating glow.