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5 Things Every College Girl Needs in her Bag

Now that classes are in full swing, our bags might be getting out of hand. With the Her Campus Back to School Survival Kit, we’ve got all the essentials you could ever need on campus.

CamelBak Forge Divide Mug

For the mornings after you pulled an all-nighter at the library, this will be a lifesaver. This mug has a button that makes it easy to drink your morning coffee one-handed. It’s perfect for when you’re running (literally) late to class, but still need your caffeine. The leak-proof cap makes it super easy to throw in your bag for the rest of the day!


The DivaCup

Of course tampons are usually an essential for most college women’s bags, but the DivaCup? What is that?! If you’re interested in spending less money on tampons/pads, as well as decreasing your waste and improving the environment, give the DivaCup a try! Keep this in your bag when you have an emergency situation.



Sometimes walking around campus can get…sweaty, especially if you’re experiencing the extremes of Midwest weather. This easy to use, compact perfume is perfect to throw in your purse and spritz on before walking into classes, meetings, or coffee dates to give yourself a boost of confidence!


Rimmel London 24HR Supercurler Mascara and The Only 1 Lipstick

Some days, we just don’t have the time to wake up early and put makeup on. Instead of rushing around before class, throw the Rimmel London Mascara and Lipstick into your bag! When your feeling you need a perk throughout the day, just put on a bright lip and give your lashes a lift!


Wearsafe Tags

Walking around campuses and college towns late at night can make anyone feel unsafe, especially women. The Wearsafe Tag is a personal safety button that instantly connects you to the people who you choose, giving them both your location and a continuous audio stream. You can keep this tag on your keys or wear it on your person. This will make you feel safer on the way home from those late nights at the library or a night out on the town.


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