5 Struggles of Being a Hangry Person: As Told by Lorelei Gilmore

Being hungry is one of the worst feelings in the world. Some people simply deal with hunger and just wait until the next meal, while others turn their hunger into anger. Those people are the hangry people of the world and they have struggles too:


1. Anything from getting another parking ticket to having someone look at you the wrong way when you’re hangry causes you to turn to food to help… lots and lots of full fat, greasy food.

2. When you’re a hangry person, it is crucial that you always have food within reach. You never know when the hangriness will strike and you could end up hurting one of your loved ones...


3. Hangry people ignore serving sizes; in the heat of the moment it’s hard to realize you need to stop since the box suggests to only eating 2 of whatever snack they’ve gotten their hands on.

4. Being on campus all day with no food and a bank account that’s smaller than your GPA (it’s possible) is the ultimate struggle of being a hangry person. But right when you’re five seconds from completing ending the person in front of you for walking at a speed that seems too slow for any human you hear the Heavens open and someone (probably God) yell, “Free food!!!!”

5.  Hangriness is incurable. Sometimes in life there are just things we cannot change.

At least if you’re a hangry person you probably know all the closest, cheapest, and best tasting foods within a mile radius of campus are. You know, since whenever the hangry strikes you’ve gotta be prepared.