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5 Reasons Why Getting Hit On At The Bar Is Actually The Worst

You’re feeling extra sexy tonight, and it shows. You’ve been making crazy eye contact with that cute guy in the hopes that he’ll come over and buy you a drink. Lo and behold, he starts making his way over, and you’re ready to turn on the charm like the 10th consecutive episode of “Friends.” But because you have the worst luck ever, you later realize that he’s a weirdo who is only interested in talking about his toenail collection. Here are five reasons why getting hit on at the bar is actually the worst. 

1. They are always weird.

I’m all for being weird, but to a certain extent. For example, not weird would be something like you telling me about your not-so-normal music tastes. Weird would be mentioning you have a secret obsession with Nickelback.   

2. Their girlfriend shows up. #awkward

You are in no mood to get into a bitch fight. Not now and not ever. Why?  Because you accept the fact that you would lose.

3. It’s much more fun having a girl’s night.

What could be better than sipping on some drinks and hanging with your girlfriends?

4. You have to talk to them.

Talking isn’t really my forte, especially when it comes to talking to people you have never met before. It’s much easier to just sit and have very limited interaction. 

5. You’re expected to be friendly.

I would consider myself a friendly person, and I would never be intentionally mean to someone, but if a guy isn’t taking a hint let’s just say I can get a little testy.

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