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5 Must-Haves For Spring Break

It’s finally here! It’s that time of year for trips back home and vacays to exotic islands for a week of relaxation! Yes, it’s spring break time, ladies! It’s the time in March when you can live on the edge… of the beach that is. But before you pack your bag, you can’t leave without these five must-haves for your 2015 spring break trip.

1. Swimsuits. 

The time has finally come for you to show off what you’ve hit the gym all winter for! Yes, break out that yellow polka dot bikini and suit up for the waves. Something tells me a few swim sets never hurt anybody, so feel free to bring a couple showstoppers. 

2. “The Sun Essentials” (sun glasses, sun block/sun tan lotion).

Whether you are on someone’s beach or just in your home town, the sun is bound to make an appearance. So don’t forget your fresh specs or your healthy skin essentials.

3. Metallic flash tattoos.

We’ve all seen them and needless to say, dad won’t get mad because these tattoos are temporary. Yes, metallic jewelry tattoos! Gold or silver, these are sure to make a statement for the spring and summer. 

4. Camera/phone.

What’s spring break without some iPhone photography?! Yes! Break out your phone and feel free to capture some priceless moments! #SB2015 #SB15 

5. Fresh fruit.

There’s no better snack than fresh fruit. Not only is it delicious, but fruit gives you that summer glow from the inside out. So why not stock up on some fresh berries, mango and pineapples?

Spring break 2015 is on its way and needless to say, you’ll be rocking all the must-haves for an unforgettable break! Happy spring break!! 

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