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5 Easy Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid Being THAT Freshman


We all know that type of freshman: the obnoxiously loud, attention seeking collegiette who’s thinking too much while wearing very little. We’re all guilty of acting this way sometimes. Luckily, Her Campus Mizzou has compiled a list of ways to avoid being labeled as that girl:

1. DO CARRY A BOOKBAG: This may sound like common sense, but some people forget. You don’t

need to carry a huge book bag, but you do need something to carry course materials. Walking around campus without a bag makes you seem like you came to campus with no intention to study.

2. DON’T WEAR YOUR PARTY OUTFIT TO CLASS: Never wear your party dress– or, as Beyoncé calls it, “freakum dress”– to class. Swapping sandals for heels doesn’t make your outfit look casual. Save those clothes for the weekend: that’s one more weekend outfit you don’t have to recycle.

3. DON’T OBSESS OVER UPPERCLASSMEN, ATHLETES, AND/OR GREEKS: You’ll learn very soon that they are no different from you. If you treat them like Prince William, their egos will explode. Any time their inflated ego takes a hit, they’ll call you in for praise. Treat them like normal people and they won’t treat you like a fan.

4. DON’T WEAR TOO MUCH MAKE-UP: This one is simple. No one needs a lot of makeup. Makeup is a beauty enhancer, not creator. Embrace the way you look instead of trying to create a whole new face. You look great and stylish without makeup. Don’t you know that natural beauty is in fashion?

5. DO KEEP CALM : You don’t have to be over-the-top to get attention. Whether you’re funny, silly, sporty or artistic, people will be able to tell soon enough. You don’t have to boast, brag or exaggerate your involvement now or in high school. We know you’re fabulous, but talking about it constantly will turn people away.

DO remember to…

ALWAYS HAVE FUN: All of the above rules are secondary to this one. College goes by quickly so you have to enjoy it! (I’m a senior, and it still feels like we’re back in 2010.) You have to dowhat you want, be what you want, and pursue what you want. And hey, even if you have to break our rules once or twice, go ahead! It’s your journey.

She's a junior at the University of Missouri - Columbia, studying journalism with a strategic communication emphasis and a business minor. She hopes to be a part of the advertising world soon. She loves reading magazines, watching sports, and hanging out with family and friends.
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