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5 CoMo Warm Weather Activities


Collegiettes, get on outside and enjoy a nice study break!  The weather is FINALLY warming up and we found the perfect places you have to try out:

1. Devil’s Ice Box:

Not only is this cave, Devil’s Ice Box, a beautiful hiking route, once you are in the cave, the temperature drops significantly, perfectly cooling you off from hot Missouri days. Devil’s Ice Box is located at Rock Bridge State Park and is no longer than a 10-minute drive from campus.


2. Rock Quarry Park:

 Another hiking destination, Rock Quarry Park is host to beautiful cliffs alongside a hiking trail. The cliffs overlook the running paths and forest that makes up the park. The park is a 5-minute walk from campus perfect destination for a warm-weather day.


3. Mizzou Rec Pool:

 In 2005, Mizzou’s rec center was voted top in the country by Sport’s Illustrated Magazine. The renovations that transpired include an indoor and outdoor pool that rivals most resorts. Students congregate here between classes to tan, swim, play basketball while the music is playing and the sun is shining. If one thing is guaranteed, you definitely won’t feel like you’re at school.


4. Quinton’s Rooftop:

 Whether you’re going to have a few cocktails with friends or want some dinner and a nice breeze, Quinton’s rooftop is the ideal place to be on a warm day. Quinton’s rooftop overlooks most of campus and almost all of downtown. There are different levels so it’s sure that Quinton’s will never be too crowded.


 5. MKT Nature and Fitness Trail:

The MKT trail is 8.9 miles long making it perfect for a walk, bike ride, or run on a sunny day. The trail travels through Columbia and other parts of Boone County, and begins on Providence Road. The MKT trail is surrounded by beautiful trees, rivers and golf courses that make it serene and perfect for clearing your mind or getting out to exercise with friends! 


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medicine.missouri.edu - offbeattravel.com 

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