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4 Perfect Ideas For Your First Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo is always exciting and scary at the same time.  You found something you want to put on your body forever, but you know it’s going to be painful.  Thinking of something you want to put on your body forever can be difficult, so here’re some ideas of what you could get for your first ink!

1. Tattoo bracelets

This trend is a pretty way to highlight a tattoo you’ve gotten. The idea behind the design is inspiring your tattoo off a bracelet or piece of jewelry you would wear, either around your ankle, wrist or neck. 

 2. Something Small

When getting your first tattoo, a typical fear is how big and noticeable the design is going to be.  When I was getting mine, I was worried that everyone would see my tattoo and if it could interfere with jobs or my personal life. A small design is a good start because it can be something you love but also small and easy to hide.

3.  Dedicate it to a favorite book, movie or quote

Show what you are a fan of for life with one of these tattoos! Sometimes we see or read something that sticks with us forever, and getting something dedicated towards that love is the perfect idea.

4.  Get a family tattoo

Family is forever and so are tattoos. What better way then to show your love for your family than to get a tattoo that is dedicated to them.

No matter what you end up getting, make sure it is a design you will want on your body for the rest of your life. Take time to think through the decision and make sure it’s something you’re going to love.  Learn about the proper aftercare for your tattoo because the better you care for your tattoo, the better it will look.


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