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3 Steps to Planning the Perfect Friendsgiving

1. Designate each person attending a dish to bring.

The most fun part of Thanksgiving is eating, of course. So make sure your food is on point! Cover the basics like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc. Actually make the food yourself; don’t buy premade. Cooking the food is all part of the experience and the fun! You could even have all your friends over to cook the food together. It’s so fun to see what people come up with when they are cooking, so give your friends a challenge, and see what they’ve got! It will be so much more fun to taste all the food when you know it was made by one of your besties.   

2. Have cute decorations.

Make sure to set the table accordingly. Be festive, it’s Thanksgiving! That means warm fall colors, leaves, acorns, etc. Fill your jars with acorns and leaves that you find outside, and use them as centerpieces. It’s so easy and cheap. If you want to take the extra step, make place settings for each of your guests. Write their name on it, and place it where they will be sitting. Make sure to have a good photo-op spot! Get a banner that you can write on yourself, and get creative! Write “Happy Friendsgiving!” or “I’m Stuffed!” or really whatever you want. Just something for your friends to take pictures in front of to document your epic Friendsgiving!  

3. Save room for dessert!

I mean, Hello!! With Thanksgiving, of course, comes dessert; it’s a must. Make sure to assign a couple of your guests to be in charge of desserts. As the host, you could make one as well. Get creative! Make something different than would be expected. There are tons of DIY Thanksgiving desserts all over Pinterest, so you’re bound to find something that fits your skill set. When all the desserts have arrived, make a section just for them. This will make for a drool-worthy picture, I can guarantee that.  Enjoy these desserts, and mingle with your friends! After all, that’s what Friendsgiving is about: good food and good friends!

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