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3 Sites for the Trendy College Student on a Budget

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

We can all relate to the struggle of being on a college budget. Constantly wanting to keep up with the trends, but having no money, is a constant battle. Who can blame us? We’re all guilty of getting distracted with online shopping in our least favorite class. Next time you’re dreaming of those sneakers or that biker jacket, check out these sites and you’re bound to find items you can’t live without! Even better, you can afford these clothes! Happy shopping!


If you haven’t discovered Missguided, please run to your computer and check it out. This site is constantly adding new styles to keep up with the trends. Most importantly, it’s affordable for us college students. Let’s be real, we spend hours shopping online but, at the end of the day, we can’t buy any of it. Have no fear. Missguided offers a 30% off student discount! You heard that right. A 30% off discount. You can find anything from a classic leather jacket to trendy sneakers and everything in between. Check it out! You’re guaranteed to find something you love.


One of my favorite hidden gems ever. Boohoo has saved me when I just needed those booties but only had $40 dollars in my bank account. The prices you find on Boohoo will blow your mind, and you might not believe what you see. They are constantly having 50% off site-wide, and the merchandise is no more than $30 regular price. Yep. Get there as fast as you can.


Another one that just seems to good to be true. This site plays off of all of the major designer trends and makes them affordable for struggling college students. Pricing ranges from $5 to $30 typically. Sometimes they go over that range but never by much. They have countless designs and a variety of styles for everyone. They even offer a lookbook that shows you how to style the pieces on their site.


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