3 Disney Princess That Need a Revamp

After Disney announced it would be remaking its animated classics into live-action movies, people went wild.  Nothing creates nostalgia quite like a reboot of your favorite childhood classics.  Check out the full list of remakes here.  Countless movies like Winnie the Pooh, AladdinThe Little Mermaid and The Sword in the Stone (who decided that one was necessary??) are going to be remade, but for whatever reason, some of the classic Disney princesses are left out.  With the highly anticipated release of Beauty and the Beast, Disney fans are clearly into the princesses. Why, then, are they not all getting their shot at a live-action remake? If I had my way, here are some that I feel deserve a reboot over yet another Peter Pan film.  


Pocahontas definitely deserves her own live-action remake.  She is strong, independent and level headed, and therefore a great role model for young girls.  Pocahontas is so much more than the traditional princess in a ballgown.  Plus, can you imagine how powerful "Colors of the Wind" would be in real life?!  Also, Grandmother Willow deserves the spotlight on her once again.

Sleeping Beauty

Angelina Jolie got her shining moment in Maleficentand Disney is supposedly making a Maleficent sequel, but Aurora has yet to have one live-action movie about herself.  I mean, after everything she's been through, it's the least Disney could do.  Granted, her story is a little duller than the others, being that she sleeps for half the movie. But still, she's a classic.

Princess and the Frog

I know Tiana isn't technically a classic, but a live-action remake of The Princess of the Frog would be incredible.  It would provide an opportunity to showcase diversity, great songs and the rich culture of New Orleans.  Tiana's life is much more entertaining than Chip 'n' Dale's, who are somehow getting their own live-action movie.

Final note: I know that Lilo isn't a princess, but how incredible would a Lilo & Stitch live-action be?!  Dozens of little alien monsters running around beautiful Hawaii.