3 Breakfast Ideas for the Lazy Vegan

Vegan or not, who has time to cook a well-rounded breakfast every morning? This especially applies to college students who just want to grab something and go. I hate to cook, so a fast and easy recipe is a must when it comes to meals. All of the recipes that I have included are breakfast ideas that I make every single day. They are also all vegan, but they can be altered to be non-vegan or to fit your personal taste. 

*Disclaimer: none of these breakfast ideas have any specific measurements or quantities as they are simple breakfast ideas that you change up.

Peach Perfection 2.0

This is my go-to smoothie recipe that is perfect for bringing to class. It’s super simple and you only need four ingredients. If you’ve ever had Jamba Juice, they have a smoothie called Peach Perfection that I would always get, but I think this smoothie recipe tastes better because it’s not made with a bunch of sugary juices. Feel free to switch out your choice of plant milk or add protein powder!

Blend together: 

  • Bananas
  • Frozen mango
  • Frozen peaches
  • Coconut milk
The Best Avocado Toast Ever

I absolutely love avocado toast, and I will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I kinda have an obsession, but I strongly feel that you should never pay for avocado toast at a restaurant when you can make it yourself for way cheaper. 

Mix together and spread on toast:

  • Avocado
  • Salt and pepper
  • Everything-but-the-bagel seasoning
  • Top it with cherry tomatoes and a balsamic drizzle.
Tofu Scramble 

It’s crazy how much this reminds me of eggs. This isn’t an exact replica of scrambled eggs, but it’s a great alternative for vegans who miss eating eggs. There are so many different ways you can make this with produce and spices you already have, so feel free to change the recipe to your liking. I personally love to eat tofu scramble with a side of toast, so it’s like a normal breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. The only thing left you’d need is a side of vegan bacon.


Saute onions and peppers (or your choice of veggies) with vegan butter. Crumble super firm tofu into the veggies and add salt, pepper and garlic powder (or your choice of seasoning). Plate and add sriracha vegan mayo on top.