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The MTV VMAs come every year, and with every year come some of the most creative looks of all award shows. The VMAs has a reputation of celebrities pulling their most interesting and intricate outfits and costume for both the red carpet and performances. This year, is no exception, even with the changes that came with the novel coronavirus. I have complied some of the most (in my opinion) noteworthy looks that came out of this years VMAs, in terms of innovation and simply beautiful pieces.

Considering the volume of amazing looks worn by Lady Gaga, in conjunction with the amount of awards she received, I feel obligated to detail some of her many looks throughout the evening first. Beginning on the red carpet, Gaga donned the Couture Heart Quilted Parka by AREA from their Fall/Winter 2020 line, along with an astronaut helmet designed by CONRAD. Her look is evidently astronaut inspired, as the VMA awards themselves feature an astronaut and the staple astronaut logo can be seen in the background of the red carpet. For her next look Gaga chose to wear a colorful and intricately patterned dress by Iris van Herpen featuring orange, blues, greens, black, and white. Gaga also wore a mask as an accessory to every outfit she wore for the night, in this outfit wearing a pink gas-mask like mask by Cecilio Castrillo. For her third look she appeared in a green dress with a taffeta ball skirt by Christopher John Rogers along with a mask by Lance Victor Moore, which had two horns crafted onto it. For her final look she appeared in a Valentino bodysuit with a Candice Cuoco jacket and a pointed bra and choker made by Manuel Albarran over it. This final mask was made by Maison Met. This look featured silver with a sort of metallic look with sharp edges, giving a futuristic and edgy feel. Overall, Gaga’s looks were well put together, thought out, and pointed towards the future of fashion.

Another set of beautiful, futuristic looks were worn by Chloe x Halle. The singers wore custom silver looks created by Sho Konishi. The sisters were dressed by Zerina Akers for their performance. The bodysuits and glove pieces of the outfits were largely the same, and the distinction between their looks came from their accessories, such as their chokers and head pieces. The duo looked amazing in these pieces, overall giving a futuristic-machina feel to their performance.

Doja Cat in her jaw-dropping mermaid-like performance look stunned with lighting components and Lorraine Schwartz diamonds. Her catsuit was custom made by Asher Levine, featuring fishlike scales with protrusions on the shoulders, chest, and hips which featured blue, green, and pink lights. On stage the light pieces were accentuated with the dark lighting and the scales, which had a dual chrome sheen to them, sparkled. The craftmanship of this piece alone is admirable, and the beauty of it makes it stand out as one of the best looks of the show.

Finally, Miley Cyrus’s Mugler sheer black dress dominated the carpet. The dress featured pieces of mirror with a bandeau black top and black bottoms underneath and was paired with sheer black gloves. The look, though simple, was elegant and matched her personality and the empowerment of Cyrus’s new song.

The looks of this VMAs stand out with their creativity and beauty. Amid the corona virus, the looks in this show demonstrate how fashion is continuing to move forward and innovate, and how the ways celebrities are expressing themselves through fashion are changing.








Hi! My name is Olivia and I am a student at Mizzou! I am double majoring in journalism and textiles and apparel management. I love fashion and am pursuing a career as a fashion journalist!
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