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2017 Oscars Best — and Worst — Dressed

The Oscars are the ultimate style event of awards season.  When it comes to the Academy Awards, so many things are uncertain.  No one knows which movies will be snubbed during nominations, who will take home Best Actress or if anything wild will happen on live television.  But one thing is always guaranteed: incredible style.  The Oscars is the ultimate place to be seen and show off your look, so let’s take a look at the best — and worst — looks of the night.  

Best Red: Viola Davis in Armani 

Patriotic colors of red, white and blue dominated the red carpet Sunday night.  But in terms of red, Viola Davis did it best.  Her look is modern, eye catching and sleek, and the neckline is very interesting and unique.  She deserves the ultimate success for always going the extra mile in her work and her style.  

Best Modern Look: Naomi Harris in Calvin Klein

The midriff-bearing cutout , below the knee cut and cape make for an interesting look that somehow looks polished and perfectly modern.  The details add flair to the vibrant white, and her mismatched shoes are funky and fit right in with the overall look.  Minus the cape, I would definitely wear this dress.  

Best ACLU Ribbon: Ruth Negga in Valentino 

The accessory of the night: the blue ACLU pins, donned by countless actors and celebrities.  Negga’s high neckline, prim and proper dress is anything but bland in vibrant red.  Also, she manages to pull off the tricky Renaissance-style headband trend perfectly. Her ACLU ribbon stands out as a subtle political statement, but doesn’t overpower her otherwise simple, conservative gown.  

Most Outdated: Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Personally, I think this look screams Sandra Bullock in The Proposal.  It’s weird, outdated and way too satiny.  I’m not sure what’s going on with the weird frontal flappy thing, but I’m not into it.  It reminds me of those big bows that used to go on the back of 1980s prom dresses, and there’s a reason those aren’t in style anymore. 

Best Ruffles: Brie Larson in Oscar De La Renta 

Ruffles are hard to pull off since they can often appear childish or overly poofy.  But Larson manages to pull this sweetheart neckline velvet gown off perfect, channeling Old-Hollywood glamour.  She brings a modern twist to a classic look, and I think she pulled it off perfectly.  

Everyone’s Favorite Vintage Moment: Emma Stone in Givenchy Couture

Emma Stone won Best Actress and regardless of how you felt about “La La Land”, she is an incredible human.  The media is saying she is the new Jennifer Lawrence in terms of her relatability, but I believe she is, and always has been, so much better.  Personally, I am not an overwhelming fan of Stone’s dress as I believe the fringe is a little much.  I would have preferred the dress to be full beading to the floor, but I would never dare diss Emma Stone.  

Best Use of Feathers: Octavia Spencer in Marchesa 

Feathers are often poorly executed, but Octavia Spencer pulls them off to perfection.  The light smoke gray and wispy feathers on this full ballgown are totally different from Spencer’s usual look, and the change in look is fun and charming.  #bringbackfeathers

Best Nude: Nicole Kidman in Armani

Nude is potentially the most impossible color to pull off, as it often makes you look more washed out and sickly.  Yet, somehow, pale Nicole Kidman manages to pull off this look to perfection.  The sheath style and detailed beading adds a contemporary flair and makes the dress fun and quirky without looking weird and ridiculous (like some of her more wacky looks in the past).

Most Dramatic: Janelle Monae in Elie Saab Couture 

Janelle Monae’s dress was definitely on another level.  There’s a lot going on, and I really like all the texture, but I don’t know how anyone could ever pull it off in real life.  I’d be into it if the poofy black ballgown stuff was gone, but that’s just me.



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