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16 Stages Of Winter Break

Winter break is something college kids dream about from the moment they step into their first lecture in August but sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Her Campus Mizzou analyzed break in 16 steps from those first glorious moments home to the countdown back to campus

1. The final countdown.

2. The drive home.

3. The first dinner.

4. The first sleep.

5. The first reunion with high school friends.

6. The family reunion.

7. The “you were out late” lecture from your parents.

8. “I’ve seen everyone I need to see so I’m going to watch Netflix all day.”

9. The moment you realize you actually miss campus.

10. And dorm food.

11. The 10-day countdown to going back.

12. The inevitable “reunion” with your college friends that live close.

13. The final meal home.

14. Packing to go back.

15. Realizing you actually don’t want to leave.

16. Returning to campus and picking up right where you left off.

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