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14 Girls Tell Us About the First Time They Drank

Whether it was in high school or in college, the first time a girl drinks is a story she'll (try to) remember forever. Whether it was a buzz from your first beer or a vodka-induced blackout, it's hard to tell a first time drinking story without laughing. With that in mind, we asked members of our staff to share their "first time" tales with us, and their answers will make you thank yourself for moving on from the days of UV Blue and Natty Light:

"This story is actually so embarrassing. I was at a baby shower with my mom and all of these middle-aged women. They had a mimosa bar, and my mom told me I could have one. I made it 99 percent champagne and one percent orange juice. After that, I told my mom I'd just keep drinking orange juice but in reality I kept making mimosas. I was so drunk I couldn't even participate in the baby shower games." -Columbia, MO

"The first time I got drunk was after my friends had thrown a party. My friend and I were the last two to drink in our group of friends, so during the party we hid two beers each to drink once everyone was gone. We sat with our other friend and I got drunk off of two Natty Lights. Not my proudest moment." -Chicago, IL

"The first time I drank was with a group of friends to celebrate my 16th birthday party. We drank plain Smirnoff and Mike's Hard... I thought the spins were the norm and it was just so bad. I'd say I took like probably seven shots, but we spaced each out by 30 minutes." -St. Louis, MO

"The first time I got drunk was off of jungle juice. I don't even know what was in it, but I kept eating the fruit that was in it. It was my first college party and I actually got invited by the quidditch people." -Los Angeles, CA

"I was 15, I had three shots of Malibu rum and chased it with Dr. Pepper. I ended my night sharing an entire pack of Oreos with my friend." -Arizona

"My first time was the summer before junior year of high school. I worked as a life guard at a country club, and one night one of the guys had a really sketchy bonfire in the middle of nowhere. I had one shot and two Mike's Hards and I was definitely tipsy. And confused." -Madison, WI

"The first time I drank I had two shots of Malibu and ended up making popcorn for my friends and I. After I sobered up, I tried to do a pull up and fell down the stairs. No one else remembers it because I was the only sober one at that point." -Kansas City, MO

"My first time, I got drunk off of two piña coladas at some random Puerto Rican festival in Chicago. All I remember is being on a bus and eating cookies." -Chicago, IL

"I was a freshman in high school the first time I drank. I was hanging out with a bunch of seniors, had a shot of blue raspberry vodka, and ended up trying to do something weird on a stripper pole." -St. Louis, MO

"The first time I got drunk was 4th of July. Someone's older brother bought us a case of Bud Light and it tasted so bad I mixed it with Gatorade. I woke up and we all got McDonald's." -Small Town, IL

"The first time I drank I went to a normal party and we just drank his parents alcohol. Drinking in high school was not normal, so we actually got reported to our high school and I basically got suspended from my sports. My mom had to pick me up at school and she was bawling." -Minnesota

"My first time, my Columbian friend took me to her house and I had a mixed drink with her. Her dad came downstairs and asked me to help edit his job application (because English was not his first language) and smelled the alcohol on me. He actually yelled at me for not drinking better alcohol." -Memphis, TN

"The first time I drank, I was a sophomore in high school and we were at my friends house. I got drunk off of Strawberritas (those were my sh*t in high school). My friend was throwing up and I was helping her and cleaned up her rug. After falling asleep, I woke up in the middle of the night and I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom but forgot to pull my pants down. I was still so drunk I fell off the toilet. I started crying, peed my pants, and then I went to bed. It was so bad." -Houston, TX

"I did Model UN in high school, so sophomore year we went to University of Michigan. My friend filled a Listerine bottle with UV Blue, and we sat in the room and passed the bottle back and forth. I got a little drunk, but nothing bad happened." Chicago, IL



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