13 Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Valentine's Day may be right around the corner but there is an even more important day that is closer than the 14th. That's right, Galentine's Day. For those of you who have significant others, don't worry, you can still sit with the single ladies on Galentine's Day — which is traditionally celebrated on February 13th. This is the perfect time of the year to get together with your closest BFFs and treat yo' selves to the greatest day ever. Your gal pals are definitely something to be celebrated, so here are 13 fantastic ways to spend Galentine's Day this year. 

1. Host a fancy brunch

You know, with cute little finger foods and all. Who cares if it is mostly chocolate, pizza and more chocolate? When you call it "brunch," the gathering just becomes that much classier. 

2. Have a spa day

Grab your girls and head to the spa because you deserve to be pampered! How often do you get to spend a day with your BFFs relaxing and complaining about being single?

3. Throw a chick flick marathon

We aren't talking the sappy love stories. No one wants to subject themselves to Ryan Gosling's smooth lines in "The Notebook" the day before Valentine's Day. Go for the movies that make you laugh so hard you can't even finish your bite of Valentine's Day chocolate. What better way to spend Galentine's Day than laughing with your besties? 

4. Host a cooking party

Cupid's season is every single girl's excuse to feast on anything and everything considered unhealthy, so why not make the food from scratch? Have a homemade heart-shaped pizza-making contest, or, if you have a sweet tooth, make chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting to celebrate the day.

5. Have a DIY craft day

A craft day because every girl loves crafting. Make your girls cute Valentine's Day cards or decorate picture frames to remember the day.

6. Spend hours watching "The Bachelor" reruns 

Grab your popcorn, your footie pajamas and a comfy spot on the couch because there are 210 episodes of "The Bachelor". Let the binge-watching begin.

7. Have a chocolate-eating contest 

Okay, maybe not a contest, but chocolate definitely has a spot on every Galentine's Day party's guest list.

8. Or, maybe even an ice-cream-eating contest 

Don't worry, we may be throwing a no-boys-allowed Galentine's Day party but that does not include our two BFFs, Ben & Jerry. They are more than welcome.

9. Go on a mini shopping spree

Even if you are just window shopping, it can be fun to hit the mall with your girls for an afternoon full of fashion. If the weather is nice, try going to an outdoor shopping space and enjoying the day.

10. Get dressed up and hit the town

Alternatively, just take a bunch of pictures to make it look like you went out, and then go back to the house to finish your pint of Ben & Jerry's and your "The Bachelor" marathon you have all been diligently chipping away at. Whatever suits your squad.

11. Go to a group workout session

If you're a group of fitness fanatics, this one is for you. Take out your single girl rage in a group boxing class or embrace your inner peace at your local hot yoga studio. Remember, exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy (something every single lady needs this time of year). 

12. Take a day trip

Pack the car and hit the road to your group's favorite day trip destination. Maybe it's nearby nature trail, the closest beach or even your favorite resort-style pool. In the end, it's not where you end up, but the girls you take with you. 

13. Celebrate your friendship

Time to celebrate! Your gal pals have your back through thick and thin, and it's time to celebrate your incredible bond. You have the same sense of humor, you can basically read each other's minds and you know they will always be there for you no matter what time, place or circumstance.