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13 Things To Do This Summer If You Don’t Have An Internship

It’s that point in the semester when students can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Summer. The thought of being done with classes and through with exams makes your heart flutter with excitement. However, for whatever reason, you don’t have any solid summer plans yet. Some of your friends are talking about internships they have lined up or plans to study abroad. As a result, you’re stressing. But don’t sweat. Here’s a list of things you can/should/need to do to have an enjoyable, relaxing and fulfilling summer without that internship.

1. Sleep forever.

No alarms necessary.

2. Catch up with your high school friends.

Just like old times.

3. Get a tan at the pool.

And check out all of the other hot boys people hanging poolside.

4. Watch everything in your queue on Netflix.

Sign me up for all nine seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy,” please.

5. Work for a few hours at the job you had in high school.

Even just to remember why you hate that job.

6. Take a class.

While taking a class doesn’t sound that appealing after finishing a full semester, getting a class out of the way, especially those pesky general education courses, can really free up your schedule next semester. Rather than taking 15 hours, you could just take 12 with a class over the summer and still be on track. Mizzou offers classes during every interterm period (winter/summer) and you can even transfer credits from classes taken at other universities. Think about it.

7. Travel.

WHY NOT? Go visit all the friends you’ve made in different states. By the end of June, you’ll miss your college friends so much, taking a road trip of any distance sounds sane. 

8. Nanny/Babysit

Honestly, it is the best way to make some quick cash. You set your own rate and it is tax free. Plus, children are hilarious. 

9. Pet sit

This is another way to make really easy money. While your neighbors are on vacation, offer to feed their cats and water the plants.

10. Be a camp counselor.

You only have so many years of your youth left. Swimming, camping, playing sport outside… Totally nostalgic.

11. Craft.

12. Learn to cook.

You’ve always wanted to now how to make flan or, well, anything. 

13. Work on your resume.

You probably need to.

Freshman J-school student at University of Missouri. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia and a southern girl at heart.
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