10 Different Ways Single Girls Spend Valentine's Day

If you're a single collegiette, most likely you're more than aware that Valentine's Day is around the corner. While the pesky holiday will be met blissfully by some, those without signicant others will be celebrating 10 different ways by...

1. Eating a million pounds of chocolate.

2. Aggressively glaring at happy couples.

3. Wishing you stayed in bed.

4. Trying not to cry as you watch other people receive flowers and gifts.

5. Watching all of the Nicholas Sparks movies. All of them.

6. Wondering if that guy you hooked up with last night will hit you up for a V-Day date (he won't).

7. Facebook stalking your ex to see who he's with today (even if you promised yourself you wouldn't).

8. Embracing your singleness (kind of).

9. Going out with your friends and hating the day together.


And finally...


10. Realizing you don't need anyone else.  You got you.