10 Alternatives to Netflix

While binge watching on Netflix is fun and very common these days, there are also hundreds of other activities that are worth your time and consideration.

Here are ten possible alternatives to watching Netflix that are very enjoyable and entertaining:

Read a book for your own personal enjoyment!

There are so many different genres and millions of titles, so there is bound to be one book that you find interesting. Plus, there are options besides hard copy books, such as eBooks or audiobooks, that will match with your personal preference. 

 Try webcomics!

If books just aren’t your thing, maybe you’d enjoy webcomics. They're are a nice halfway point between books and TV. They’re written and published by anyone who chooses to write them, include a variety of platforms and are free to read. You can even create and publish some of your own comics if you were feeling up to it. Even just regular comics are great as well. Fun fact: Some series that you see on TV (such as DC, Marvel, Riverdale, and Fear the Walking Dead) are originally from comics.

Start an individual workout that’s just right for you!

When it comes to fitness, it’s important to find a plan that you can enjoy and benefit from. Whether it be running, swimming, cycling, walking or zumba, the perfect plan for you is out there – you just have to discover it.

Have a girl’s night out!

 Every girl loves those nights where they get dressed up and go out with their girlfriends. Eating, drinking and dancing is fun already, but it’s even better when your friends are by your side.

Go to a kid “fun zone”!

 Places that offer bowling, mini-golf, rollerblading, ice skating, rock climbing, laser tag, etc. may seem like they’re mainly for the kids, but we’re all kids at heart and would still have an entertaining night participating in these activities while we still can.

Do something that makes you feel relaxed!

 Whether it be yoga, massages or listening to classical music, giving yourself a little time to just chill can make your day a whole lot better.

Plan a trivia/game night!

 Board games and trivia questions have been around forever, and they are a fantastic way to get a group together while having great laughs and a memorable night.

Have a dance party with Xbox!

Not only is Just Dance a great workout, but you can have so much fun doing it! Plus you can also get some great dance moves out of it.

Add a little something new to your appearance!

Monthly manicures/pedicures, facial masks, new hairstyles or even adding to your wardrobe can make you feel beautiful and confident, and who doesn’t like to feel great about their appearance?

Learn how to create a delicious dish!

 Cooking may not be your forte, but just making one meal can feel very accomplishing, especially if you absolutely love the taste of it. It doesn’t have to be a complicated chef’s dish. Even the simplest meals are the most delicious.